8 Actions That Help Improve Your Google Keyword Rankings

Do you know how Google search engine can and does affect your website’s ranking on the internet? If not, then this post is just for you.

With the world wide web growing tremendously during the last decade, most of our work now gets done through the internet, any business, whether it is merchandise, groceries, luxury items, furniture, automobiles, electric appliances or even selling and buying used items, you name it and the internet shows you means to reach it hassle free.

But have you noticed that some websites land top on google search, while there are many others you have not even come across? This is because of the fact that if a website is not visible to google, then it will not appear in top results in the search engine too. To be found by your next customer/reader/visitor, google needs to find you first. If you are a website owner, then these 8 actions can help you boost your ranking on google.


Most websites display content which are based on a relevant topic. When a user adds relevant keywords such as phrases and words. These so-called keywords are picked up by google and thus when a visitor/internet user types these keywords in the search bar, google automatically displays URLs of websites which match with those keywords. So, a maximum of 6 keywords in your web content that too throughout the website can really boost the chance of your website to rank better than those which do not use keywords in their content. You can also add these words or phrases to meta tags and meta description to add visibility on google ranking.

Website Navigation

Your website should have a smooth navigation enabling google crawlers to go through your website. If google cannot go through your website without ease, then it would automatically conclude the same for a human reader. Any broken link can affect the performance of your website resulting in its low ranking. You can use Search Console, a free toolset from google to help you fix problems regarding crawling, indexing and re indexing if you have updated content on your website.  


Original Content and Backlinks

Original and unique content can do wonders for a website, but it is still of no use if google cannot find it. Most people click on top ranking URLs on google, cutting down the chances of other websites that could be found if ranked higher than they currently are. Also, the backlinks are really important as they bring visitors to your websites. So, always use links on your social networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, twitter, etc. to get backlinks.

Well optimised images

Applying images to your website helps in breaking monotony of words. Rather then all text, images cut off boredom in that page, making visually interesting component. An image on any page should be optimised, thus reducing the file size helping your page load faster. A slow loading page can affect your ranking as your audience can leave without reading your content. Also, the image should match with the text written in that paragraph, making google understand your image and content relationship.

Longer Content

Do you know that longer the content on your website, the more chance it will perform better? Compared to articles which are short, your page should have content not less than 1000 words, focusing mainly on keywords, thus increasing its rank on google.


If you have a website with multiple pages, very often pages go unnoticed, even by google. Sitemap is like a directory of your website, which helps speeding up of traffic and also indexing of all pages. HTML and XML are two types of sitemaps, one usually uses. Also make sure to get your sitemap listed in your Google Webmasters account.

Internal Links

Other than backlinks, internal links also play an important role in ranking your website on google. A specific keyword or a phrase on one of the pages can be used o to create a link for another page. This redirects the reader to another page of the website, giving additional page view to other pages of the website which have relevant topic as in the previous page.


Trending Topics

 Another thing that is really important is, what your customers/readers are reading? What is the latest trend? Whether it is fashion or newly released gadgets or a movie, if your content cannot put it across efficiently then it won’t help your website rank any better. Webpages are required to be up to date but the most important thing is the trending topics which top google search. If your content is about the trending topics, then your keywords would get noticed by google and get your website rank better on google.

Above all, any website is designed with a target audience in mind. Whether it is a blog, travelogue, product review, questionnaire or a simple children website, each website has a specific audience. And relevant keywords are the main focus that can rank your website higher on google. Unlike social networking sites, where hashtags fetch results more efficiently, keywords have more impact on google. And to optimise your content (words and images) will surely increase your chance to find your website doing better than any other website on the internet. If the first page on google doesn’t fetch your keywords and show your website in search, then it surely will rank poor on the internet. So these 8 points would surely help you in optimising your website, ranking it better on Google.


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