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That night...

That night when you appeared; broken! Torn at the window of my room, The melody you played; weeped. On the strings of the harp. That night when I touched, Your heart that oozed blood. That night, when you hugged me tight, Hiding away your tears; unripe. As you teach me each night, To play the strings of harp right. The only melody you taught me, Was of broken hearts and lives. That night when you sung, For your beloved outside. Looking at the stars you recited her name, Like an unfulfilled wish to the stars. As you wrapped your wings around yourself, Embracing her as if a dream stands in eyes. I wished you had loved me the same As you thought of your Aphrodite. But I knew I cannot love an angel A forbidden thing it is to the mankind But I have fallen for you it seems... A broken shattered heart; You. Now I look at the harp untouched, May be you have forgotten about Us. I play the saddest