Between you and me...

Your name truly suits you "Assumptions" and mine "Conclusions". But you know without you I cannot be reached to and without me you are incomplete. So please stop assuming me and I would want to stop concluding you for what is there in between is yet to be lived, experienced and resolved.

Your value will always be variable but mine always constant but with you. You may call me stubborn and not wanting to change but your changes are highly irritating. But you know dear, if you change I shall have to change too. May be that is what you always wish for... to change me.

But there is something missing and that's what it is all about.The journey in between; the heart beating between two breaths, raindrops between the clouds and the ground.
Something that ought to be there but is not.The absent feelings ...the unknown derivation.
The dark...the truth.The story...the whole.
And not just the start and the end.

So stop loving me because my value changes in any case. And I become a variable and you obnoxiously a constantly terrifying catalyst to me.


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