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All you need to have.

Sometimes, you fall in leaves and sometimes, you wait in morning dews... Love is planted in each heart, all have a heart but love happens to a Few... Sometimes, you laugh in each flower and sometimes, you cry in rains... Love fulfils its purpose but all go through a similar pain... Sometimes, you glow in the light and sometimes, you drown in the darkness... Love ignites a storm and also holds a calmness. Sometimes, you know all answers and sometimes, you fear to question. Love makes all things clear but all you have is a big confusion... Sometimes, Love is all you need... And sometimes, it is the only thing you have.

The Last Dance...

As the music in the background plays... we both have the last dance.  My eyes have already started to show... but your blank face hides all you want to, or may be it's my assumption. My fingers tremble... brushing around your shoulder... I wanna hold you forever...  My lips stop midway... saying don't go as I turn to look tears slip down to my cheek, glistening in the lights... The last dance with you shall end soon... I want this moment to freeze...  May this moment never I close my eyes keeping my head on your chest, my sobs escape and the pinch in my heart kills me to say," I must go.... I must." Image :

It's time...

May be it's time to leave... The dreams that I had been holding... In my eyes for long. They were of you, but I dont see them coming true in any time. Some dreams should be left to shimmer on cheeks...they never become reality, but the reason of our sadness... You were someone, whom I see and become happy, but I realise that slowly, you are eating away my smiles bit by bit.... It's hard to take all this anymore.... either stay or just go....  Whom am I talking to... you dont even know, how it feels to be in love with a memory, that has been carved out like a inscription...only to be fade... mildly each time, I sleep with tears in my eyes.  Image:

I have lived...

I have lived in your little 'nothings' , where you keep hiding little 'somethings... naughty sometimes scary. I have lived inside your memories of the past and in your hopes of future. I have lived in your dreams in closed eyes and thoughts in your awakened state. I have lived in you... as you  and also me. I have lived... only to live with you. I have lived only to die... for you I have lived in your words... following the trenches of the silences. I have lived in your breaths... knocking on your heartbeats. I have lived in your fears that have no tears and also in fears that flew down the aisle of the cheeks. I have lived in the fun you ignore of life... and also in the risks you take unthinking. I have lived in the lanes... in streets of darkness where you left your heart unknowingly. I have lived in those corners of the sanctuary where you peeped for some solitude. I have lived in your loneliness... in the crowds around you without telling you