Shiva and Shakti...

You were always there....timeless and in form and in the formless.... 
I was there, unaware of the bond we had.

You made me power; called me Shakti....detached to the attached you were, yet so sublimely inclined.
In thoughts of mine, you prevailed....though unknown to me, as a close one...known.
A stranger at every step yet my soulmate all the time.

When once I faced heart knew, it was you from times ago mine...yet I was bound to believe that you can never be mine. 

Your one gaze made me love you...the love which existed but never was made true.

The night of our reunion went without your claiming me.... instantly I was hurt....bleeding my heart in the nights.

But how could Shakti be devoid of her Shiva ever...I reached you, called became mine.
I knew that I would human structure would become a corpse one night....but then I was always yours....death cannot make us part anytime.

From the half male-half female(Ardhnarishwar) the universe you hold inside...

You went over in anger...burning the world outright.
As I felt the pain that this body had set in your can you are the Shiva....detached from everything all the time.
I am you and you are me....then where's me without always your all the time.

I returned.... for the sake of you.
Incarnation of me to offer you my you that I had belonged.

Parvati I became... promising love forever in times...
And this night, when the world has risen from the sleep to celebrate our reunion...marking the beginning of Love for now and eternity.

                                           How can love die when it lives in us all the time.

image: serial devon ke dev mahadev (Life Ok)


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