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Drapes of Love

 Draping around my waist,  Your hands straighten up,                                                               The pleats of my saree                                                          Around you move in my gaze,                                                      Fingers play like on strings of a guitar,                                                       Leaving me slowly in bewilderment...                                                                Your favourite colour,                                                                  You did never tell,                                                   But you eye for that special one always.                                                          Finally you touch my shoulder,                                                             Leaving the end at its place.                                                            It sways away in the breeze,                                      

Does SOUL have a Gender?

Does soul have a gender? It is the body that takes over... In each birth An envelope of visual difference Eyes see Skin feels But what is same? The deep seas Holding nothing... To something... To everything Beyond sense of understanding. If this envelope burns... How will you see me? Have you thought ever... The beautiful or ugly? It doesn’t matter then. The usual  And the extraordinary Is all same Beneath... Below... Deep... To the abyss, Where darkness and light Melt in the profound. To sink, to drench To become free Of what holds everything In place, sabotaged... Hostage... Enslaved. Does soul have a gender? To love you as a woman? Or to love you as a man? But to love, is it necessary? For me to be opposite of YOU? To complete the half that’s not You, Or to be like You To repel the love attraction.