Fake desires...

                                                            Crumpled bodies lying stiff,
                                                            Voices hollow; echoes drift.
                                                            Tearing apart silence drinks,
                                                        The whining sounds of tired brink.
                                                        The cliffs hang ashamed; stripped,
                                                       The depths of trenches alone weep.

                                                           Fake desires burn and brew,
                                                               In souls who aren't true.
                                                              Triple minded not double,
                                                            Because their life is a bubble...
                                                                    Of hidden desires;
                                                                       Fake and lies.
                                                                    Troubled minds,
                                                                 Mood swinging ever...
                                                                  Thoughts galloping,
                                                              In getting caught in green.
                                                               They hide their desires,
                                                                 Somewhere unseen,
                                                                 Rigorous, rebellious
                                                                    And confined...
                                                              They remain confused,
                                                                   At what to hide.
                                                                   Deeply rooted,
                                                                In turbulent waves.
                                                               They sway and sail,
                                                               In oceans untamed.
                                                     Trapped in their own fake desires,
                                                    They are never sure on who to rely.
                                                            Cross-checked, hidden;
                                                            Their expressions retire.
                                                               Even in their sleep,
                                                             They fear to be spied.

                                                              (C) Ravinder Kaur

                                                      image: www.shutterstock.com


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