Translation of "Rehte ho Tum..."

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Translation of my poem "Rehte ho Tum..."
You dwell in my eyes,
Like a waiting dream.
Lovely and memorable,
As if an evening.
When the winds become moist like dew,
You fall in my tears, I tell you.
Come light up my days,
Like sun in the dawn.
Shower the desert of my heart,
Like the cool drops of rain.
Intoxicate my senses,
Like a drug no other.
Become mine,
As if you are me.
And I shall become You,
As if I were You.
Like a wish in the silence,
Like a prayer in the noises,
A colour in colours like turquoise,
Beating of the heart so melodious,
Breath as if sweetly scented,
And heart filled with your love.
©. Ravinder Kaur 02/01/16
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