On my way...... back

On my way back,
I looked up at the tree,
The sweet light fragrance,
Recalled your memories.

Those scented, little darlings,
Hanging on the tree,
You plucked them for me,
Back in my dreams.

Under the tree,
I wait for you.....Again.
To see you pluck them,
And I.... see you smiling,
There Up.... to me.

I haven't forgotten,
Those days.
When in mornings,
Beside the coffee cup,
You placed those flowers,
Catching me smiling,
Like a little girl to her dolls.

Wake me up from this .....Oh dear!
Gift me nothing else, but these.
I miss nothing else but them and.....You!
Together under the tree.

Still that wait and urge,
When I see them bloom.
And you... not here,
To give me...your love.

  (Image source: Ravinder Kaur)


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