Shut me inside your heart,
The color of which is red,
I would like to hear the beating heart,
Till I am dead.

Wake me up in your dreams,
Our own little dreamworld.
Dance with me on the clouds,
Floating above the air around.

Call me yours,
Every minute, every hour.
Make me yours,
Every moment, every birth.

Pull me in embrace,
Kissing me on forehead.
Eyeing me deep inside,
Giving me that shivering gaze.

Turn off every light,
Make me glow in the dark.
You ignite my spark,
With your heart burning bright.

Speak your words in tones,
Hushing below all zones.
Only I can hear and you me...
Just say that You Love Me.

Hold me till I feel,
Your singing heartbeat.
Moan my name in breaths,
Every shiver to embrace.

Love me like never before,
Because death will soon approach.
Till we depart from here,
We shall meet ....Always.


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