A year with you....

Assembling all thoughts,
To fit into my little heart,
I escape from Time,
To meet you there.
One little,"Hi",
That ,"Good Night"
That sweet name-
Silence of the night.
I embrace this thought,
That I'll not forget,
Enchanting are the winds,
Violin of the twins.
Striking the chords of heart,
And very silently,
I fly with wind,
To your window,
To peep in,Finding you asleep,
With love on your face.
I see you,
Waving away nightmares,
So you sleep dear,
Not to fear,
I stay awake,
Just to celebrate,
My dreams,
In your eyes.
I wait for you,
I the lights,
On the dance floor,
Can I have one dance?


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