An amazing book from an amazing writer ..... That's what a reader wants. Something that touches the depth of the heart. A story in itself- life we all live. If you think life has been unfaithful to you then, through this book you'll know what's the difference in living our lives and just breathing. Its a fiction yet so close to life. Reality through the words of an Airman.

                   The excerpts have been very attractive and so also is the cover with the flying Sukhoi. A Blackbuck Publication paperback novel authored by Gaurav Sharma who himself has been associated with Mathematics from quite a long time now. Impresses with his approach through minute inspection of human sketches and behaviours. Its a tempting book and you cannot keep it away till you read the whole of it.The freshness of the story keeps the readers glued to it.The author has a good command over the flow of the story from the beginning.

                  The status difference between commissioned and non-commissioned officers is well potrayed.Reunion of friends after twenty years is the showstopper of this book but the real event of the book is the lost love story that gets revived. Shabd and Soumya meeting after 2o years and their hidden lovestory. Will Shabd's return make any difference to Soumya? Will her husband do anything when he comes to know about their past affair?So many questions And Ashish's throat in between. How will he save himself from the mess that Shabd makes?Will the drama end tragically or magically? What's in  store for Shabd in future
? And will peace prevail in Soumya's married life?Wanna know??? Do read this book "Love@AirForce" by Gaurav Sharma.


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