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The molested...

    Last week a friend of mine shared an incident on facebook that she had an awkward situation at hand. She went to a govt college where she was invited to speak on  international women's day. She had an interactive session where many questions were put forward by the girls of that college . One of them made a  deliberate point that". GIRLS THEMSELVES ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE SEXUAL ASSAULTS.  " My friend explained  that this was not true but the girls gave many reasons like dressing sense, chit chatting on mobiles, etc. which was welcomed with an applause by other girls. I felt strange at first but yes this is what is happening with the mindset of girls today.            When people keep on saying the same old things about how a girl should be brought up,  how she should behave ,bla bla bla.....we can realize we are breaking the self confidence of a girl just like the one in the above incident who herself believes that not the assaulter but the victim - the assaulte