She lives in Him....

Under the shade of the tree,
They met one day,
To depart & never meet again,
Their destinies were foretold,
They were to die without one another.

He closed his eyes,
And called her name.
When drops of tears,
Fell as rain..

She came forward,
And touched him for the last last time.
She said," I'll better die in your arms than die alone."
She fell in his lap,
He could not understand,
He held up her hand only to find,
The sleeping pills which disappeared into her.

She clapped and said,
"Listen my Love,
I love you always,
And shall always do.
But before I see you die or die without you,
Today is the day I choose,
To make my wish come true.
I choose to die.
But not go away from You,
I choose to die.
Just to live again in You.....
Just close your eyes and say GoodBye....

Look, how I deceived the Fate.
They said we'll die alone.
I'll die alone but then,
I would live in You.
And that is what is Important
Not to Live, But to Love You...."


Amandeep Singj said…
You wrote it well. short and sound......keep going
Ravinder Kaur said…
Thank you Amandeep Singj......

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