Bathed in Pain

                    I was always envious of my mother. She was very beautiful. No one could stand her charm and grace, that is what I always thought.On that day, when she stood next to me at the bus stand for my school bus, it was the last time she came out with me.I remember clearly, I was 6 that time in class I. She was wearing a floral printed pink saree, when two men on their motorbike came near us.They had an unusual look of hatred and anger on their faces. Before we could understand, one of them took out a bottle with something in it. In a flash the whole solution was on my mamma's beautiful face.She pushed me behind like she knew what they threw and faced all what fate had  in store for her.

                   Those men raced their bikes and were nowhere to be seen.Only my mamma's screeches were what I heard then. People were just watching the show, but no one came forward to help her or me.I could not understand what was going on. Then somebody called an ambulance and that old uncle accompanied me to the hospital. He took my dad's number and informed him too. At the hospital, the doctors were just doing their job, no one was telling what happened. My father sent me to my granny's house . He thought I will not be able to bear my mamma's new face.

                    After 6 months I returned home.The time I lived with my granny was very tiring. I wanted to see my mother very badly. I insisted and finally got home. My mamma was in her room, the room was dark, the lights were off. My Dad didn't allow me to go in her room. He tried to explain me that my mamma was in depression and pain. Those people attacked her with acid which burned her face that I was so envious of. I assured that I won't make noise or disturb her. I went inside slowly, she was there, sitting and looking at a vase with roses. She noticed me and called aloud my name " Manjari, Manjari". It was  then I saw the horror. I saw her face was just like a shattered glass. Her eyes, they sunk inside and half of her face was with scars. I wasn't afraid but I was sad to see that my beautiful mamma was in so much pain and I left her alone when she needed me the most. I ran to her. She hugged me tight.Tight to her chest, I could hear her heartbeat.She was sobbing, calling out my name again and again."Oh Manjari, my child where were you? How are you? I missed you so much. I longed to see you. I thought may be I will die without seeing you. But look here are you. Just don't leave me , just don't."

                     I had no words I was crying and my tears were unstoppable when my Dad scolded me and brought me out of the room. I wasn't frightened of my mamma's face but I was angry why it happened with her. Why?I did not get my answers then, because I was a kid . But that incident hollowed me from inside. It was like I lost a jewel so precious. But I love her more than ever and I just want to say that people who did that to her were no more than ugly themselves.Whatever may be the reason for their hatred but it was not any solution for their unfulfilled intentions. Issues can be resolved but can they give back her lost face and her self confidence???


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