Forgiveness The Act Of BRAVERY

How many of you have felt sorry when you had committed a mistake? I think all of you!
Had you apologized? OK.

But think you were the other person, and someone else is apologizing to you. How many of you have forgiven that someone? Many times Right?

But there are many times when we don't forgive the other person because we are so angry on him/her. We keep that act in mind and that anger comes back in the form of hatred when we see that person.

The act of forgiveness is the act of bravery . Whenever you are angry on someone, think of the time when you pray to God, "Forgive us, our sins as we forgive those who sin against us." But do we do that actually?

God is so merciful, he forgets and forgives us of our sins. Look around in the midst of kids. See their small fights and quarrels. And see how quickly they forgive others and forget what the other kid has done.But see to ourselves......

Do we have the God like character or that of kids to forgive and forget? A big NO. We never forget what the other person has done to us. We never forgive him/her. But we can!...............   We could have done that without having the feeling of revenge, without burning our inner soul. Think when God can forgive you for every single  blunder you  commit on a day scale then why can't you?

Whenever you feel hatred for someone and do not wish to forgive , think of God the Merciful.
He has forgiven you, You can also. For the person who forgives is great and love is propagated in hearts with such an act. It is a tough job but remember YOU GAIN  YOUR FREEDOM WHEN YOU FORGIVE,  FROM THE  CONSTANT MENTAL TORTURE AND PAIN . Just THINK UPON............................


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