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                  Following blogs is easy but to say you really understand what's being said is difficult.
The latest technology and social networking has made it so easy to give us access to information and entertainment that we hardly understand the importance of quality time that we spend in the virtual world.
Our families, our career, our studies need a lot of time to take roots but don't you feel that nowadays we 
have a punchline " I don't have Time" . I am not giving lecture on time but only giving my views that how
internet has restricted us within our rooms. We don't visit our dear ones now, as we used to do some time ago. Even wishing on birthdays, wedding anniversaries are now done with the help of networking sites. Are we not becoming more attached to our mobile phones, pc's and laptops???    
Remember the time when your aunt used to come in vacations with her kids and you all  liked to listen stories from her. I am sure you really remember the pleasure you had with your grandparents in the village when you were a kid. Happiness and pleasure never needs connectivity through tweets, blogs and comments just hearts.
So on this weekend try out meeting old friends and your dear ones not in virtual world but in real n actual world and see the expression of surprise and happiness that you would not have achieved through words on net.
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