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What is Love?

L OVE - the four lettered word. A mystery in itself and for some a misery. Those who find true love are fortunate and those who don't are unfortunate. But what is LOVE which is in everybody's list ,the order of which can be anything from Love to money, job,  family, name/fame, happiness, satisfaction and so on.       But still I wonder, what actually is this LOVE? What I found, I am sharing. What you find can be something different at all!                   So, what I found was this:           LOVE is the feeling when a gardener sees the bud bloom into a beautiful flower. His hard-work brings him immense joy.              LOVE is the feeling when a farmer sees his crops flutter in the breeze.

Who am I?

        W ho am I?  Somebody's daughter, somebody's sister, somebody's girlfriend, somebody's wife, somebody's mother. But who is the real ME?  Relationships hold me, never letting me know, never letting me understand, never letting me recognize who am I?                I am a girl, a woman, but is my identity only this?   There is so much to reveal, so much to share, and so much to find and know. The scriptures say YOU CAN KNOW THE WORLD, BUT THE PERSON WHO CAN KNOW HIMSELF IS VERY DIFFICULT TO FIND. FOR FINDING THE SELF IS FINDING THE DIVINE (GOD) HIMSELF AND HIS WAYS. Very true, people want to find GOD. Finding or knowing GOD and ourselves is very difficult because we are very  unpredictable  in nature. People say that you can find about someone through his body language but I don't think so. That is circumstantial.

Think upon!

Hello Blogger's there......                   Following blogs is easy but to say you really understand what's being said is difficult. The latest technology and social networking has made it so easy to give us access to information and entertainment that we hardly understand the importance of quality time that we spend in the virtual world.