Swollen vulnerabilities


I saw that you were trying...

Trying to gather your falling words.

You were picking them up hastily but your mouth ran away with whatever reached first.

Out of time and place.

You were so in rush that you didnt see, where your tear drops fell, whether on your cheeks or on me.

Your words all ran out of breath, you seemed so sad... disappointed in everything and everyone.

Like this world owed you something you couldn't really put your finger on.

I know... you needed me.

You needed my shoulder. But like a coward I left.

I left you with everything to face... alone.

And in your loneliness, you looked after your broken pieces as if they were the crying infants. You nursed them, you smiled at them, hugging them closer and closer and closer to your heart that when I returned, you didnt want to share.... your swollen vulnerabilities with me. 

© Ravinder Kaur
Image: www.gettyimages.com


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