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What if I never get over you...

What if I never get over you... Love is as confusing as hating.... both consume enormous energy . The only thing that differs is the way we express them. After believing for a lifetime that a person can get over someone by hating, I understood that it's never possible.  Even though we move on... we move away from that love, we want to forget, we want never to go through the same again... But ... that person still holds the very spot in our heart, eventhough we ignore... looking through them like they dont exist but the truth is, love cannot be taken back... you cannot unlove them. Hating them is just a mask we put over our own emotions. A mechanism to cope up, to prevent from drowning in that sad wave that we are not with them... What if I dont get closure? There are no closures in love, only divorces in marriages but never closures. There is nothing called closures because we never agree on loving someone for a while... hearts dont work that way.  W