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To be a Queen...

I was brought up as a princess... and you know what that means?
It means, that I had all of my wishes come true... or to say ... all were made true by my dad.
I was handed over to a king... because a queen is said to belong to a king and not to anyone less.
So... I became a Queen!
A queen, infamous of required action, because my king was the ruler...and I, mere a spectator. But the reigns soon fell into my hands, when the king lost his life... and I had to become the king, inspite of being the rumoured- inefficient queen.
I bore no child so the kingdom was nevertheless my own family... they were my children and I their mother and this is what I assumed and failed miserably at.
Lost in the cascade of battles, I was torn like a piece of cloth and sold like meat. The buyer was...ofcourse a king and, I a hopeless slave.

I was held captive...not even given the status of a royal in prison but... a slave to whom the king could keep... as a war prisoner.

Life was never a burden before... but …