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A Thousand Times....I LOVE YOU

A thousand times... I had told myself that, someone somewhere belongs to me. I didnt know for sure... But my heart repeated it has to be you. What-ifs always stopped me... But then, heart resolved to yell at me. For once should I want you...then why not to say. I Love You A hundred times... I told myself that someone too waits for me. Somewhere, under the same sky... Counting stars in a puzzled way. What-ifs always stopped me... And buts, always interrupted the themes. But then for a moment, my heart stopped beating When I was about to say. I Love You Just one time, I didnt hear my heart... And only looked into your eyes... My fallen dew, my dreams came true... And out of darkness, shinning bright ... All was you... and all is you... Until my last breath. I Love You