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Funny dumb love

I never expect you to love me but then... who permits someone to love or be loved? But the fact is I always knew love happens unexpectedly... but I always thought it would never happen with me! But... It's so funny, I have started to feel things for you...  Your absence causes turmoil inside. Your presence makes me feel overjoyed... Even if I see you at the bus stand from far away... You become my smile... I know you cant love me because, I am the 5.30 a.m. train and you are the 11 a.m. flight. Am the bird that starts chirping when it's still time for the sun to rise and you are the sun that follows.  But... Am never tired thinking of us together ... May be you never noticed how much dumb I become, when you are around.... May be I am the only one to feel my helplessness to ignore you. (C) Ravinder Kaur  #lovemakesmedumb