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Locks of Winter

Locks of winter fall on ground She has a hairfall all around. The bits of ice Quietly disguised Fall on ground Fall...fall...all around.
The hair has turned grey... With white mist mixed clay... The cold waves carrying around... Her white hair falling all around. Locks of winter  Shining in moonlight She has let open her hair... To fall down back...on ground.
She flaunts... Plays... Rhythmically Throughout the night. She wears a gown of fog... With slippers of glass that hold... Her feet dancing on the ground... Her ashes of white all around...
When light is low And no birds show Her heartbeats reverberate. In the quiet spaces Where darkness creeps And shadows sleep. Before the day begins, She rises in air Leaving frozen breaths as dew At dawn over the leaves .
The sunlight dim Fears to face The gaze of the mighty chill The winter as a Queen Has a hairfall it seems But the more they fall, The more she grows Gracious winter  Has lovely white hair.

(C) Ravinder Kaur       12-12-2018


When colours fade away... Like the sound of a horse's gallop... Distant... invisible... inaudible. I hear you still Inside my heart As my own heartbeat. But you want to leave... Like the breath that leaves My heart and vanishes in thin air. And so I open up my hands To let your fingers slip away...

Stagnant water I am...
And you a ship. 
And... I cannot be your harbour.

(C) Ravinder Kaur