Flowers on my grave...

Tell me how would you remember...
My giggles on swing rising high?
Tell me will you remember...
Those moments in the dark?
Twisted tongues and riddles...
Stutters and meaningless scribbles!

Tell me will you remember...
Those evening walks ending at nights,
Morning sun bathing out coldnight faces,
Tell me how will you remember my meaningless smiles?

On breakfast table your coffee going cold, 
My hot tea in your hand; kissing your lips for a while,
Will you remember those surprise visits intruding my dreams of you...
When sun bit the last slice of the noon bright?

When nights shun away the lights,
Tell me when will you sleep?
And not hide your face under the pillow;
When will you stop sharing those tears with the night skies?

When will you stop reminiscing?
When will you accept am gone far off sight?
Tell me when will you forget...
To weep and place your hands over me?

On this grave of mine...
Just walk past, don't look back!
Let this be the last flower,
On my grave in this lifetime!

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