We were never strangers...

All the time, when we were near...
We were never strangers.We were some old souls, soaked in our own warmth... in our own minds...on crossroads. Waving at each other... sharing smiles. 

We were never strangers, when we could feel how our hearts fluttered, in the crowd of two. We knew how much deep the darkness we have held inside...how much our lights have peeped inside, the cracks that were only scars and not fresh wounds...

We were  never strangers to the fact, that we were not even friends but we were also not enemies.
We were strangers to ourselves...playing along the line... of ignoring our reflections in each other... we were two lonely souls, connected by a single smile. We were two wounded hearts, connected by a single dream. We were two stupid people, holding guns over each other... with only a bullet left in it.

We were never strangers...for we were the two lines of the single song...the song that was never audible to others, as they were deaf and we...we were two blind people... searching each other in the midst of a wrecked drowning ship...

We were never strangers...how could we... for we were never meant to be... strangers after all.

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