I have lived...

I have lived in your little 'nothings' , where you keep hiding little 'somethings... naughty sometimes scary.

I have lived inside your memories of the past and in your hopes of future.

I have lived in your dreams in closed eyes and thoughts in your awakened state.

I have lived in you... as you  and also me.
I have lived... only to live with you.

I have lived only to die... for you

I have lived in your words... following the trenches of the silences.

I have lived in your breaths... knocking on your heartbeats.

I have lived in your fears that have no tears and also in fears that flew down the aisle of the cheeks.

I have lived in the fun you ignore of life... and also in the risks you take unthinking.

I have lived in the lanes... in streets of darkness where you left your heart unknowingly.

I have lived in those corners of the sanctuary where you peeped for some solitude.

I have lived in your loneliness... in the crowds around you without telling you.

I have lived... many times before you did... living the day over again.

I have lived ... I had lived... I shall live... for time flows through me... and in me.

A seemless... and boundless river I am... to live for eternity.

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