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Warm memories...

On cozy winter mornings... I still wear your sweater... the one that I had stolen from your apartment, the last time I was there with you. It still has your fragrance... I feel the fabric like your touch on me...irresistible. But I know....It doesn't belong to me now. And I have to part with it you! Little by little, memories have filled up my mind and... heart has become heavy. The drops of tears have kissed you more on this shirt than on your lips... and I pull it off just to find my arms still holding them at ends...Just leave it man!!! Just let go!!! But they won't... until I pull out my hands that you have held do hard...from your memories my mind... from your love my heart... even though it breaks while I retrieve; into pieces so many that to put them back into me... it would take a lifetime. But I'll manage... I'll be fine...yepp!!!