"Stay away from me... you don't know how much I would love to kill you...", his gaze became intense while calling out to me. The fire of his soul clearly was ready to burn up anything and anyone.

"Why do you think that you can harm me... when all I ever want is to be close.... to you!", I took my chance at luring him into my well crafted words.

" Because the demons inside me... they won't let you touch me... they won't let you come closer...", another of his false belief made a way out of his mouth.

"Listen to me please... set them free....", I looked straight into his eyes.

"What? Do you have any idea, what you are saying! You are trying to initiate a tsunami which will sink everything." His exasperated look became stern with anger.

"Do you know who your demons are? They are your fears, your insecurity and your hurt soul. Give them their space, give them what they yearn for." I put my hands on his.


He seemed a little shocked but didn't let my hands garb his for another moment. "I have chained them, I wont let them free or they'll take over my mind."

"The demons demand freedom! That's why they are messing up with your mind.You need to let them breathe free... let them go. Set them free for that's when they'll honor you, more than ever. It's not necessary to chain them to control them. Confront them...face to face! Tell them what you want... listen to what they have to say...nothing more." He remained hypnotised to my words.

"Hmmn... Only this?" He asked me in bewilderment.

" Yes!Only this... you need to address them... they also are a part of the fuel that powers you. The only thing is to love them; they resemble to the spoilt child who wants attention. Who craves to be loved....who craves to be understood. That is what it needs to be...from you! Unchain them...release them....and take care of them." I finished speaking my mind.


And With this, his long held tears started dripping...
After sometime, he fell asleep...his face looked so peaceful in my lap...I caressed his hair; smiling to myself that one more soul had learned to tame is belief 'of unloving the demons inside him' today.  


Sometimes it is not the demons but us who needs to be know that there are no demons inside but our own light behind a darkness called ignorance.


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