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Second Chance...

I never thought that time will fly like this and I would not be able to cherish the moments that I deserve. My little girl is now no more little but has grown into a lady....intelligent, smart and beautiful. But with time, Diana has become so quiet... and I wondered why. Sometimes, you think that your children would tell you all that happen to them...but they don't because they need live their own life.

Falling in love is like a fashion nowadays....and with college going kids, it is sometimes a matter of status.The truth is that this duration destroys much of their scope for studies and a good career.
And falling out of love is equally destroys a healthy mentality and self confidence. and my dear little girl ... she didn't say but ... her eyes said all......her sorrow.

I couldn't get angry on her as I know it would worsen her condition ....she needs a shoulder to just cry out and feel light.And my biggest failure is that I didn't let her und…

To my dead Friend

I am really disturbed with your absence dear...I think am feeling your pain...piercing deep into my heart...your words still echo in the silent corridor...crawling sluggishly...but still not reaching out of the door of my heart...I feel you are still alive but more your smile caresses my smile...the lump in my throat is struggling to call your name...eyes following the crowd ....taking you over their burn you ...until no flesh remains on your bones... the ashes they would collect ... to immerse in waters faraway... your pyres ...burn my heart....the flames rise to burn me...but the irony is that I cant show anyone my soul bears all the scars...I am whipped... strangled...suffocated...but still am a shameless a haunted mansion...and you pierce my soul every night...with your giggles and those soaked eyes hiding your pain..when the last time you said...I am ok! (C) Ravinder Kaur 21-05-2017 #tomydeadfriend
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Torn Apart...


Kaafiya Milaao's prompt : It takes much time to kill a tree...

It takes much time to kill a tree,
To forget the shade once you sat in,
And pull out each leaf. It takes much time to kill a tree,
To forget the fruits once relished...
And cut each branch It takes much time to kill a tree
To collect all memories
Untying those ropes from the swing It takes much time to kill a tree
To ward off the laughter
To forget the tears you once shared with. It takes much time to kill a tree
To shake off those hiding moments
In the game of hide and seek It takes much time to kill a tree
To forget that hearts you made
With initials of your crush within. It takes much time to kill a tree
Upon whose branches rested a nest
Chirping birds in the season green It takes much time to kill a tree
Under which you dug a pit
And hid those letters of love disease. It takes much time to kill a tree
Who was your confidant
In whom you felt safe with secrets deep. It takes much time to kill a tree
Who was your companion once
Who today looks at you with grief. It takes much time to kill a tree
It shou…

Anonymously Yours...

Some nights became anonymously yours without my permission....they belong to you....your thoughts....but my days live in fear .... of losing you! Because in darkness... the echoes of fears fade away....and heart lights up with millions of glittering dreams....that promise me that we would never part...we would always dilute in each other like the ink in the sound of me in you! (C) Ravinder Kaur 20-06-2017 #you

Dreams of Love

You quietly peep into me, reading all my desires, the half opened window still waits...for you to jump down and chuckle at the stolen kiss that once you took with you...the unpainted thoughts remain blank at your mention and my brush blushes in anticipation of the crime my mind would have committed but.....all this is a mere imagination of those wild horses upon whose carriage my thoughts travel...far away with you in the woods...where the wet silt holds my wedges deeply as the first rain drops touch our faces....and I slap myself for the sin you have committed... taking over by thoughts like a storm...and leaving my head full of fairytales where am yours and you....mine! (C) Ravinder Kaur 24-06-2017 Image:

Rainbow Dreams

My eyes melted in the arms of the night and hugged a dream...tightly enough that my eyes drifted in darkness for a while....and when the rays of light shone...I felt floating on a cloud....with the most unexpected
The rainbow was bright that I would hide behind you...and you would chuckle...embracing me, wrapping me in your arms....holding gaze so firm...that I would feel their glow...the swans swam through the streaks of the rainbow...from one end....drowning into the other...and I would get scared when the blues turned black...and the rainbow rusted...forming a lifeless band...each swan dead at the fallen depths...and I scream....waking up....holding onto your were never can never go...please .... don't go! (C) Ravinder Kaur 27-06-2017

A Queen....

All through the time...
I was a Queen... Never had to lead as You... Now time has casted a horrible spell... I rise to hold the sword as You.... In your absence I am the King.... To rule to fight, to protect... My kingdom and my Will...

(C) Ravinder Kaur
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