The Tilted Screen....

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As I lay on my bed,
Breathing my last fainting breath,
A smoke rose around me,
With tilted head I looked around,
No one to be seen or found,
A hand grasping my throat,
Cutting out the supply of air,
Making me struggle,
To escape this inexplainable misery,
Something twisting inside me
Like pulling me,
Shaking the roots of my spirit
That had taken deep,
Still unclear why am I alone here,
Where are the ones who loved me.
Then I forget......
Where I have been?
Who I have been?
And why I have been?
I look up...
And find a light, so blinding...
No sound just silence, so deafening...
I look back...
I find darkness....
A blackout....
Filled with unknown sobs,
Strange people sitting around a lifeless body,
Only thing is.....
It WAS ME....

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