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Everyday is a MOTHER'S DAY.....

With one never starts a thing but two. Two people make a couple - make parents , make a start. When I was only me, I would not think of others much as much I thought for myself.But after I got married to your father, I realized life is so much happier, when you have someone to share your blessings, your laughter, your achievements, even your pain and grief.

                  With the news of your arrival, I learned to Hope for the best, dream about the new life, I'll have with you,my own flesh and blood.I learned Patience to see you in my arms. And also taking care of myself for you.Your father and  I share so many moments of those nights, when we would think of names, color of your eyes, the way you'll call us by your little words and so much more.

                   And finally, when you arrived, we just felt like after a long hot day,the drops of rain have fallen to quench the thirst of the  dry land.I forgot the pain, yes the pain,which is said to be the…