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An amazing book from an amazing writer ..... That's what a reader wants. Something that touches the depth of the heart. A story in itself- life we all live. If you think life has been unfaithful to you then, through this book you'll know what's the difference in living our lives and just breathing. Its a fiction yet so close to life. Reality through the words of an Airman.

                   The excerpts have been very attractive and so also is the cover with the flying Sukhoi. A Blackbuck Publication paperback novel authored by Gaurav Sharma who himself has been associated with Mathematics from quite a long time now. Impresses with his approach through minute inspection of human sketches and behaviours. Its a tempting book and you cannot keep it away till you read the whole of it.The freshness of the story keeps the readers glued to it.The author has a good command over the flow of the story from the beginning.

                  The status difference between commissioned…