T B C Picture Prompt 1: Trapped by Temptation.....

She was an adorable daughter and obedient one too. Her father gave her everything she needed except one thing, the mirror that hung on the wall. It always attracted her but, her father always warned her to stay away from it. And every time the reason was an untold silence. One day she was alone at home and that was when she decided to look into the mysterious mirror which was the source of her curiosity.

She went closer to it and saw her own reflection in it, finding absurd to be kept away from it for so long. The border was so intricately decorated of gold that she touched it and felt the glass with her bare hands.Suddenly she could sense that her hand can pass through that glass.

The vision cleared and she found her hand touching an apple. She tried to hold it but it was still far from her reach. She moved forward and held that apple. Suddenly, two large hands gripped her hands tightly and pulled her inside. She was sitting and panting in horror. She found herself on the other side of the mirror.She stood up and started to go back through the mirror but the glass hardened and now she could not return.

Now she realised that her temptation trapped her in the world, where she never belonged but now will belong ever......


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