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The Broken Heart...

My heart broke,
On the day when it snowed.
I froze standing there,
Only to watch her go.

My heart cried,
My eyes wept.
It was something
I never hoped.

I walked lazily,
But my heart was panting,
Getting restless all the time.

Why did she go?
Why did she say no?
Faking Love,
Giving me hope?

If she didn't love me,
Then why did she play with my heart?
She went away
Shattering me just like a glass....

I couldn't understand,
Why was it me?
Me to face The Broken Me?
And alone Me
In my lonely arms?

I went home that night,
Seeing my plight,
My grandmaa asked
What happened son?
Do you want to tell
Or I myself figure it out?

She looked at my eyes
And wiped my tears.
Then with a hug, she said,
"Let's go inside....
Not inside the room  but,
Inside your heart, inside your mind.

I told her my love story,
After all I had said,
I began to cry.....

She held me close
And began in a low tone.
Do you think she never loved you???
Or do you think she did it for a purpose???

Just think again…