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He waited for me till the end...

I met Him first I don't know when, But I knew him well, he knew me well... Every day, he walked by my side, In my hardships and in my cry.... When in pain, he was there, And in rain, he was there.... He said I belonged to him.... He just came to take me...... Every time I refused to go with him, But never he asked me why..... Then one day when I was asleep, I felt his whisper nearing me.... His gentle touch made me shiver, His lips were singing my name.... I woke up to find him holding my hand, He was singing, indeed my name aloud... He took me to dancing and smiling and singing Again and again all the time. Then at last he kissed my hand And said,"You are mine... Come lets go, come lets rejoice For I have come to take you along...." His look hypnotised me, His smile mesmerised me. Just don't know what happened I got up to go with him.... I felt his grip so hard and Love so compelling to part, I accepted to go with him When so