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A Day becoming TODAY

"The Past is a smelly one, the Present is a sweet gift and Future an Undertaken project."                    I can't tell you about Tomorrow because I haven't been there.The Past  is the recorded episode that I can rewind in my mind to gather the details of every movement I made, every dialogue, every word I uttered and heard . Every problem I defeated and  not only every laugh that  I laughed  but also every tear that I have shed . The unfinished assignment , I take up today to complete with pleasure or strain, is my choice . Today which started with a beautiful morning, chirping birds, cool breeze , fluttering leaves of trees and the Sun happy as ever an Old Man is.......

The Demon of Doubt

              DOUBT is the biggest invader of a human mind , it is often accompanied by confusion and fear .At any task undertaken ,it weakens the will power and a person's efficiency.The dilemma of yes/no often results in hasty decisions which affects a person's confidence.And the results is total loss of whatever is at stake.                       And in such a condition if we depend