The Caged pigeons....

The caged pigeons longing for freedom......
They struggle to fly away from this prison......
But alas, their whole energy dries up so sudden.....
And they are left with nothing but only reasons........

The urge to feel the wind in the feathers,
Eating and drinking is not life's reasons
But to fly away and reach destinations
Sure, I can't remain in this hell for seasons...

Even if there's plenty to eat
But it feels like hell to give up on my freedom
My wings need sky to challenge my flight
If not then why don't they quiet down and rest?

Flapping now and then.
They remind me of my inner strength..
They are what makes my life unique
If not then why man likes to tame a feathered being?

Man the master of his thoughts
Doesn't know my flight is my might?
If god were to give him wings,
He wouldn't have given him mind to think.

These wings are my escape from all,
These wings are my laughs against odds,
These wings are my tender hopes,
These wings are my courageous ropes.

My heart cries for flying high,
My wings now make me wild,
My eyes just gaze at the sky,
My beak wants to break the confines.

Still longing to get out,
I cry aloud,
Will he hear my heart's voice?
Will he let me get what I want?

Yes, I see him at last,
He has come to free me at last,
Before my last breath leaves my lungs,
I will feel the sky at last,
I will fly............


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