The Broken Heart...

My heart broke,
On the day when it snowed.
I froze standing there,
Only to watch her go.

My heart cried,
My eyes wept.
It was something
I never hoped.

I walked lazily,
But my heart was panting,
Getting restless all the time.

Why did she go?
Why did she say no?
Faking Love,
Giving me hope?

If she didn't love me,
Then why did she play with my heart?
She went away
Shattering me just like a glass....

I couldn't understand,
Why was it me?
Me to face The Broken Me?
And alone Me
In my lonely arms?

I went home that night,
Seeing my plight,
My grandmaa asked
What happened son?
Do you want to tell
Or I myself figure it out?

She looked at my eyes
And wiped my tears.
Then with a hug, she said,
"Let's go inside....
Not inside the room  but,
Inside your heart, inside your mind.

I told her my love story,
After all I had said,
I began to cry.....

She held me close
And began in a low tone.
Do you think she never loved you???
Or do you think she did it for a purpose???

Just think again,
You are a man now,
You live in a world,
A world that man thinks is man's alone.

Alone to decide,
The fate of womenfolk.
Alone to decide,
What to wear and where to go.
Alone to decide how  much to earn
And so much more.

Do you think,
She decided your fate
On her own???
Think again O' innocent child,
She did it because of something more.

A girl is never alone
She is the pride of her family,
She is the reflection of her mother,
She is the hope of a generation,
She is the lame excuse,
That Society uses to tame her.

You say why did she
fell in love with you after all!!!
Then listen to me,
For it is all....

Love is a ditch,
Nobody falls in knowingly.

Sometimes they think
They'll escape in time.

But the ditch gets
Deeper and deeper with time.

You would not know
And you'll be in love.

You'll  feel so happy,
You'll feel so well.

But like a drug,
It'll hold your senses.

You'll not know,
When you've crossed your fences.

Yes! You didn't take permission to love,
The question is "Now What??"

I know the answer you seek child,
But it would be harsh, it won't be mild.

I have seen love all my life,
In grooms and in brides,
In boys and girls alike.

The innocent love of early youth,
The love they choose to be true.

Yawning love, waking through eyes,
Making lovers forget their pride..

And also that Destiny,
Is never under their control.

Till you try, you lose the battle,
When you realize, You are in shackles.

Questions stand immovable like mountains,
Answers you seek but won't find them.

The answer truely resides in you, my child,
Just take a deep breath and look inside.

Love is only given, Never asked for,
The beauty of it lies in its selfless nature.

Those who love never suffer,
For their heart only gives, expects never.

For expecting is selfishness,
Yes we are humans, we expect in return...

Give a chance to someone of heart,
For you know the plight of a broken heart.

Those who broke down,
Never break someone else's.
For they know heart's true mettle.

Time only can heal the wounds so deep,
The seeds you sow,  only you shall reap.

You planted love, you cannot be broken,
You shall receive, you shall be taken.

Just wait, For the time shall tell,
What is heaven and what is hell.

You need not worry, You need not weep,
I tell you this, you'll get what you seek...



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