Thursday, 25 December 2014

Another Year......

Another year just passing by....
And the new one yawning still....
Waiting to get out of the bed....
To embrace all with a happy chill...

Wishing happiness and hope,
Some strength to cope...
Time to reflect, time to look back...
At this ageing year soon going to die....

What made you happy?
What made you sad?
What made you laugh?
And what made you cry?

Which fear you overcame?
Which nightmare still haunts?
Which limit you have crossed?
Which height left to be climbed?

Some ways in the past...
Waiting to be walked over...
Some truths to be discovered,
Some lies to be told....

New year , new beginning....
New goals and new achievings....
New perceptions, new conceptions...
New Mornings and new Evenings...

Nature in its cold Sweaters...
Waiting for Spring to take over.
Summers and Rains waiting...
Till they get their own makeover.

What are you waiting for?
Just pull yourself and get ready for the show...

Monday, 15 December 2014

Window of Time....

 Open is the window of time....
 Yesterday just went by.....

 Today in its all sunshine....
 Is beginning to decline....

 Tomorrow is approaching near....
 What do you Fear???

 Everthing will go just fine....
 Remember Today you have at your knees...

 Pull it up and do as you please...
 And rest will follow with ease.

 Just make Today worthy...
 And then each day will turn up lovely...

Thursday, 11 December 2014

The Caged pigeons....

The caged pigeons longing for freedom......
They struggle to fly away from this prison......
But alas, their whole energy dries up so sudden.....
And they are left with nothing but only reasons........

The urge to feel the wind in the feathers,
Eating and drinking is not life's reasons
But to fly away and reach destinations
Sure, I can't remain in this hell for seasons...

Even if there's plenty to eat
But it feels like hell to give up on my freedom
My wings need sky to challenge my flight
If not then why don't they quiet down and rest?

Flapping now and then.
They remind me of my inner strength..
They are what makes my life unique
If not then why man likes to tame a feathered being?

Man the master of his thoughts
Doesn't know my flight is my might?
If god were to give him wings,
He wouldn't have given him mind to think.

These wings are my escape from all,
These wings are my laughs against odds,
These wings are my tender hopes,
These wings are my courageous ropes.

My heart cries for flying high,
My wings now make me wild,
My eyes just gaze at the sky,
My beak wants to break the confines.

Still longing to get out,
I cry aloud,
Will he hear my heart's voice?
Will he let me get what I want?

Yes, I see him at last,
He has come to free me at last,
Before my last breath leaves my lungs,
I will feel the sky at last,
I will fly............

Thursday, 4 December 2014

The Broken Heart...

My heart broke,
On the day when it snowed.
I froze standing there,
Only to watch her go.

My heart cried,
My eyes wept.
It was something
I never hoped.

I walked lazily,
But my heart was panting,
Getting restless all the time.

Why did she go?
Why did she say no?
Faking Love,
Giving me hope?

If she didn't love me,
Then why did she play with my heart?
She went away
Shattering me just like a glass....

I couldn't understand,
Why was it me?
Me to face The Broken Me?
And alone Me
In my lonely arms?

I went home that night,
Seeing my plight,
My grandmaa asked
What happened son?
Do you want to tell
Or I myself figure it out?

She looked at my eyes
And wiped my tears.
Then with a hug, she said,
"Let's go inside....
Not inside the room  but,
Inside your heart, inside your mind.

I told her my love story,
After all I had said,
I began to cry.....

She held me close
And began in a low tone.
Do you think she never loved you???
Or do you think she did it for a purpose???

Just think again,
You are a man now,
You live in a world,
A world that man thinks is man's alone.

Alone to decide,
The fate of womenfolk.
Alone to decide,
What to wear and where to go.
Alone to decide how  much to earn
And so much more.

Do you think,
She decided your fate
On her own???
Think again O' innocent child,
She did it because of something more.

A girl is never alone
She is the pride of her family,
She is the reflection of her mother,
She is the hope of a generation,
She is the lame excuse,
That Society uses to tame her.

You say why did she
fell in love with you after all!!!
Then listen to me,
For it is all....

Love is a ditch,
Nobody falls in knowingly.

Sometimes they think
They'll escape in time.

But the ditch gets
Deeper and deeper with time.

You would not know
And you'll be in love.

You'll  feel so happy,
You'll feel so well.

But like a drug,
It'll hold your senses.

You'll not know,
When you've crossed your fences.

Yes! You didn't take permission to love,
The question is "Now What??"

I know the answer you seek child,
But it would be harsh, it won't be mild.

I have seen love all my life,
In grooms and in brides,
In boys and girls alike.

The innocent love of early youth,
The love they choose to be true.

Yawning love, waking through eyes,
Making lovers forget their pride..

And also that Destiny,
Is never under their control.

Till you try, you lose the battle,
When you realize, You are in shackles.

Questions stand immovable like mountains,
Answers you seek but won't find them.

The answer truely resides in you, my child,
Just take a deep breath and look inside.

Love is only given, Never asked for,
The beauty of it lies in its selfless nature.

Those who love never suffer,
For their heart only gives, expects never.

For expecting is selfishness,
Yes we are humans, we expect in return...

Give a chance to someone of heart,
For you know the plight of a broken heart.

Those who broke down,
Never break someone else's.
For they know heart's true mettle.

Time only can heal the wounds so deep,
The seeds you sow,  only you shall reap.

You planted love, you cannot be broken,
You shall receive, you shall be taken.

Just wait, For the time shall tell,
What is heaven and what is hell.

You need not worry, You need not weep,
I tell you this, you'll get what you seek...


Tuesday, 2 December 2014

He waited for me till the end...

I met Him first I don't know when,
But I knew him well, he knew me well...

Every day, he walked by my side,
In my hardships and in my cry....
When in pain, he was there,
And in rain, he was there....

He said I belonged to him....
He just came to take me......
Every time I refused to go with him,
But never he asked me why.....

Then one day when I was asleep,
I felt his whisper nearing me....
His gentle touch made me shiver,
His lips were singing my name....

I woke up to find him holding my hand,
He was singing, indeed my name aloud...
He took me to dancing and smiling and singing
Again and again all the time.

Then at last he kissed my hand
And said,"You are mine...
Come lets go, come lets rejoice
For I have come to take you along...."

His look hypnotised me,
His smile mesmerised me.
Just don't know what happened
I got up to go with him....

I felt his grip so hard and
Love so compelling to part,
I accepted to go with him
When something happened 
There were hues there were cries,
I wondered why...

I turned to see and to find.
I understood then
That Death was the one
Who kissed me that night

But now it was time and no chance was mine,
To wave him back goodbye....
He kissed me on head and again said
Its time to go Oh my beloved...

I walked a distance with him without choice,
But there was a hand that held me tight...
I turned back to see where I was being wept,
My son was holding on and saying Don't Go

My eyes were wet,
Death looked at me
And I confessed.
He didn't ask me and just left....

I came back to senses only to mention
I was asleep in my bed......

Then one day again he paid me a visit,
He said it was hard to resist
Seeing me every now and then.
He told me he wasn't angry ,
But when will I accompany
Him to his far away land?

I answered him
When my son'll be old enough
To face the hardships of life without anyone
He laughed and giggled and smiled
At my innocent replies.
He kissed me again this time
But his eyes showed his tears alike
He had his back towards me
And said he'll come when the time is ripe...

For many years I didn't see him,
I was busy with earthly regime.
And then one day I saw him again 
Wearing that lovely mesmerising smile.

I was standing, he came up to me
Taking my hands, he asked me how was I???
I smiled back at him and said I waited for him
From so many days and nights.

He took my hand and looked at my eyes
And said ,"Just come with me, my bride."

I walked with him,
To his home
With  a large large door.
What happened next I know nomore ....