What a Lovely Day

What a lovely day,
Squirrels climbing,
Sun smiling,
Birds singing,
Winds rustling,
Leaves falling,
Flowers blooming,
Butterflies fluttering,
Kids laughing,
Me smiling....
What a lovely day.....

Fresh new air,
Sky so clear,
Warm sunlight,
Feeling Alive,
Just in time,
Recovering after,
The Sleepy night,
Lazy eyes, opening wide,
Just to hug,
The dawny light...

The holy messenger,
Sun to remember..
When Autumn's around,
A chill to be found.
With dry leaves falling
Giving way to the new ones rolling,
Filling spaces with Hopes...
Hopes of a New Beginning.
That's what Life is.....
A new Hope,
A new Morning,
A New Challenge to face
And win a new Everest...


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