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Waqt ke tehkhaane mein....

वक़्त के तहखाने में ,
सन्दूक यादों के रखती हूँ।
कुछ में खुशियाँ , कुछ में गम ,
कुछ में सपने  रखती हूँ।

जब चाहूँ तो खोल इन्हें,
इक टुकड़ा मैं उठाती हूँ।
उस पे लिखा नाम तेरा
भीगी आँखों से पढ़ती हूँ।
फिर मुस्काके वो टुकड़ा
मैं वापस उसमें रखती हूँ।

खामोश निगाहों के दामन से ,
सपनों को मैं ढकती हूँ।
जाने कब गुम  जायें ये
इन्हें खोने से मैं डरती हूँ।

 इक टुकड़ा हँसी का,
आज भी खिलखिलाता है।
 जब खोलूँ वो पाती,
तो याद तुम्हारी दिलाता है।

लफ़्ज़ों में भी जैसे तुम्हारी
आवाज़ सुनाई देती हो।
कभी कभी तो ऐसा लगे 
तुम यहीं कहीं मेरे पास हो।
हर लम्हा मैं तनहा ,
फिर भी जैसे तुम साथ हो।

इक टुकड़ा आंसुओं में,
हरदम भीगा रहता है।
सीधे सादे आधे वादे ,
 चुभते मन के कोने में।
नींदें छोड़ जो सपने देखे,
खुली हुई उन आँखों से।
आज भी मैं उन सपनों को 
लगी हुई सुलझाने में।

फिर हँसकर उन यादों को ,
दफ़न कर मैं आती हूँ।
वक़्त के तहखाने में,
संदूक यादों के रखती हूँ।

My Lost Diary

Found my lost diary,
Today in a treasure hunt.
Like a ray of dawn,
It emerged like a song.

Like an orphan it lay,
Helpless in the corner, 
Waiting with expecting eyes,
For someone to hold over.

The cover had a sad face,
Which shined on seeing me.
I held it up to my heart,
Like I found a Friend at last.

Like in a chilly weather,
I felt a warming hug.
I took it in my hands,
And recalled my silent charms.

A child in me,
So happy to be.
With that diary,
Like a humming bee.

I opened it with care,
Touched it gently, being aware.
It was years back, I lost,
But vowed to find it at any cost.

My memories remained ...
In the words I crafted....
Those little words
With silly secret meanings.

My day long journeys
My dreams of nights
My emotions, my devotions
My crushes, my infatuations
My confusions, my confessions,
My assumptions, my confirmations,
My tales, my nightmares
My admirations, my stupid exaggerations,
And everything .....
From something to nothing
And then, from nothing to something…

I Am Like A Storm...

Don't call me A crowd of thoughts,
For I am like a Storm.....

A Woman I am, of love and care,
Till you provoke my devil form.

I am a STORM......

A Storm that awakens
The Fear you hide.

A Storm that burns
The Passion inside.

A Storm that stirs,
The Emotions of Life.

The Storm that ignites
The Fire to Fight.

A Storm that swells
The Bursting Revenge

A Storm that destroys
The Peace of the Quiet.

A Storm that weakens
Your Inner Strength

A Storm that precedes any Hope.
Hope that follows after I go....

A Storm that challenges
Your mighty height.

A Storm that chills
Your ego inside.

A Storm that suppresses
The flight of hunger.

A Storm that defeats
By the power of Thunder.

 A Storm that outshines
Craze and Wonder.

A Storm that Conspires
With Darkness to Surrender.

A Storm that plays
With thoughts of minds

A Storm that holds
The Secrets of Times

A Storm that heals
The Burning sores

A Storm that deals
With worries and woes

A Storm that's not
What you'll like.

A Storm that's hard

What a Lovely Day

What a lovely day,
Squirrels climbing,
Sun smiling,
Birds singing,
Winds rustling,
Leaves falling,
Flowers blooming,
Butterflies fluttering,
Kids laughing,
Me smiling....
What a lovely day.....

Fresh new air,
Sky so clear,
Warm sunlight,
Feeling Alive,
Just in time,
Recovering after,
The Sleepy night,
Lazy eyes, opening wide,
Just to hug,
The dawny light...

The holy messenger,
Sun to remember..
When Autumn's around,
A chill to be found.
With dry leaves falling
Giving way to the new ones rolling,
Filling spaces with Hopes...
Hopes of a New Beginning.
That's what Life is.....
A new Hope,
A new Morning,
A New Challenge to face
And win a new Everest...

Some Books .........

Some books lying on my table,
Opened up to hug my eyes.
But I moved away and ignored,
Their crying words for a while....

They were calling hard,
I kept quiet.....
acting not to hear them weep.
They chose to sing,
They chose to recite,
The lovely themes that could ever be.

Then there was a giggle,
I turned to read the riddle.

The sudden gush of wind made them
Flutter like the butterflies.
And some of them even tried
To fly away in the night.

I got back to them,
Holding them close to my side.
Some gripped me hard,
Some chose to jump aside.

On the floor, some lay
With open arms like a child.
I could see tears in those eyes,
Waving hands from side to side.

I hugged them tight,
To make them feel light.
It was a delight ,
To have them in my sight

Mornings with them,
And ending nights.
Some played with my mind,
Some played with my eyes.

Some turned away
Looking at other side.
Like feeling offended,
On my ignoring them for a while

I picked them up with an apology in my eyes,
With smiles of words…

Review : Circle of Love by Dipesh Shah

If you have been in Love and have gone through up and downs throughout, then this book is definitely for you. Love is a very wonderful feeling and "Being In Love" and "Being Loved" are both different phases in love.What would happen if you love a person and he/she doesn't reciprocate??? Or if you don't recognize whether you are in love or not? A circle starts at a point and ends in the same. So is life.Sometimes we start and end at the same place only to lose than to gain. Such is life and this book is a journey of Dhruv who started and finished at the same point of defeat or a lesson in love.

                            What was Dhruv's love for Veronica? Did Veronica deserve Dhruv's selfless love? Why did she leave him? Will Dhruv accept her back in his life again? These are the questions that torment Dhruv and the reader throughout the story and Dipesh has done well to recite a story of breakup and a lesson that chan…