Today was just another day. By 12 p.m. I had finished my daily chores,the maid left after doing her work, Husband to his office and kids to their schools. There was time for lunch so as usual I sat down to read some articles in a magazine.The curtains were obstructing the light, so I stood up to pull the curtains.Suddenly an envelope slid through the door.I thought maybe the postman would have slid it through, but I have never seen a pink envelope like that.

                I picked up the envelope.There was a shinny pink coloured letter in the pink envelope.I took it to the table and took my chair to read it.The card was addressed


                                                                       "For U, My Love"

I thought may be this is some prank of my husband.Today was not my B'day or Valentine's Day or Wedding Anniversary.The other thought dwelled in that, may be, it is not for me. Somebody has sent it to me by mistake. I placed it on the table.But there was something familiar that was tempting me to read it. I opened it  and read what was written in  it.The letter had a very strange but attractive handwriting, which also seemed somehow familiar but I thought hard who could have written this....

  "Dear Love,

You know how much I love you.The first time I saw you, I cried to be with you forever."

These two line made me shiver like a dry leaf in the autumn. I thought hard.Who is this person???
I cannot remember a person who had feelings like this for me (not in my knowledge, I should say)
I read again.

"For you, I have always thought. For you, I have lived Day and night. For you all the flowers and For you is  all my life.
You have been a part of my life and would always be. Even when you are married today, still I love you. And I swear if any being in the world brings tears in your eyes, I would not spare him/her even though if he is your husband. And all this because I love you and I am your First Love. Just stay happy and Promise Me You'll always be my Princess ,My Doll.

Now Open the door. I am standing outside, waiting for you to Come and Hug Me.

                                                    With Love
                                                                      Your First Love
                                                                       Your Dad"

"Your Dad!!!!" Suddenly the whole thing made me cry out of happiness. I ran to open the door. He was standing there and behind him was my husband winking at me. I just hugged my Dad and said," Yes,You ARE my first LOVE, Dad. And  I Love You."


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