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She lives in Him....

Under the shade of the tree,
They met one day,
To depart & never meet again,
Their destinies were foretold,
They were to die without one another.

He closed his eyes,
And called her name.
When drops of tears,
Fell as rain..

She came forward,
And touched him for the last last time.
She said," I'll better die in your arms than die alone."
She fell in his lap,
He could not understand,
He held up her hand only to find,
The sleeping pills which disappeared into her.

She clapped and said,
"Listen my Love,
I love you always,
And shall always do.
But before I see you die or die without you,
Today is the day I choose,
To make my wish come true.
I choose to die.
But not go away from You,
I choose to die.
Just to live again in You.....
Just close your eyes and say GoodBye....

Look, how I deceived the Fate.
They said we'll die alone.
I'll die alone but then,
I would live in You.
And that is what is Important
Not to Live, But to Love You...."…


Today was just another day. By 12 p.m. I had finished my daily chores,the maid left after doing her work, Husband to his office and kids to their schools. There was time for lunch so as usual I sat down to read some articles in a magazine.The curtains were obstructing the light, so I stood up to pull the curtains.Suddenly an envelope slid through the door.I thought maybe the postman would have slid it through, but I have never seen a pink envelope like that.

                I picked up the envelope.There was a shinny pink coloured letter in the pink envelope.I took it to the table and took my chair to read it.The card was addressed

                                                                       "For U, My Love"

I thought may be this is some prank of my husband.Today was not my B'day or Valentine's Day or Wedding Anniversary.The other thought dwelled in that, may be, it is not for me. Somebody has sent it to me by mistake. I placed it on the …

Bathed in Pain

I was always envious of my mother. She was very beautiful. No one could stand her charm and grace, that is what I always thought.On that day, when she stood next to me at the bus stand for my school bus, it was the last time she came out with me.I remember clearly, I was 6 that time in class I. She was wearing a floral printed pink saree, when two men on their motorbike came near us.They had an unusual look of hatred and anger on their faces. Before we could understand, one of them took out a bottle with something in it. In a flash the whole solution was on my mamma's beautiful face.She pushed me behind like she knew what they threw and faced all what fate had  in store for her.

                   Those men raced their bikes and were nowhere to be seen.Only my mamma's screeches were what I heard then. People were just watching the show, but no one came forward to help her or me.I could not understand what was going on. Then somebody called an ambulance and…