The molested...

    Last week a friend of mine shared an incident on facebook that she had an awkward situation at hand. She went to a govt college where she was invited to speak on  international women's day. She had an interactive session where many questions were put forward by the girls of that college . One of them made a  deliberate point that". GIRLS THEMSELVES ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE SEXUAL ASSAULTS.  " My friend explained  that this was not true but the girls gave many reasons like dressing sense, chit chatting on mobiles, etc. which was welcomed with an applause by other girls. I felt strange at first but yes this is what is happening with the mindset of girls today.

           When people keep on saying the same old things about how a girl should be brought up,  how she should behave ,bla bla bla.....we can realize we are breaking the self confidence of a girl just like the one in the above incident who herself believes that not the assaulter but the victim - the assaulted, is the culprit and the prime cause of the crime.  So  does that mean that a girl should be confined in the four walls of the house or should she take bodyguards with her wherever she goes and so on.....

          The incident reveals how constant bikkering can affect a girl's tender heart.Incidents of rape and molestation are not stopping, pressing the urgent need to take a new and effective approach.How these incidents can change a girl's life is worth considering.Laws, stricter laws must be put into action but their misuse should also be prevented.Life of a girl is affected not only in such incidents but its aftermath is also much critical....which prevent in reporting of such crimes.Crime against women is crime against humanity .
Humanity is not only male but also female.The existence of the one depends on the other.


          In India it is a common practice to  discriminate against a girl child from the beginning, that's her birth. When she is born even her own family sighs as if a burden has come on their shoulders. The birth of a son is celebrated like a festival while no festival for girls.Yes times have changed, so are the chains getting weaker but that's still not enough. But still much is needed to be done,not only by government but ourselves.And it is important we start from our own home giving importance to our own daughters,wives,daughter-in-laws......and levelling with their male counterparts.

Yes time has changed..........but attitudes have not...
When'll it change?
Can't say but it has to, it must....



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