The Demon of Doubt

              DOUBT is the biggest invader of a human mind , it is often accompanied by confusion and fear .At any task undertaken ,it weakens the will power and a person's efficiency.The dilemma of yes/no often results in hasty decisions which affects a person's confidence.And the results is total loss of whatever is at stake.                       And in such a condition if we depend
on other people to give their opinion or suggestions, we are indirectly discriminating against our own talent .we are giving them the whole or partial opportunity to dominate our self confidence which eventually results in low self esteem and willpower. We do not trust our own decisions and every now and then we need someone to affirm and confirm our decisions.                                    

 The life we live is the mirror of our decisions and our dreams.What we have achieved, what we have lost in the process of achieving, what we have learned and what we have missed.The better we understand our own self , the better we project our self to the world .Even the doubt need a careful handling and a minute research before becoming a decision . Talk to yourself , question yourself, and  you shall find the answers to the questions are waiting inside you and  nowhere else.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

                               So,stop yourself from giving any clarifications why you did or did not, stop pleasing others, stop confirming stop taking permission to live your own life . Because if you yourself are not sure about your  own decision then you cannot make others understand its significance.Believing yourself is very important in order to defeat the demon of doubt and to raise your self esteem. For you give the world a permission to dominate your thinking and your life if you doubt yourself. Just THINK UPON.........


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