A Day becoming TODAY

"The Past is a smelly one, the Present is a sweet gift and Future an Undertaken project."

                   I can't tell you about Tomorrow because I haven't been there.The Past  is the recorded episode that I can rewind in my mind to gather the details of every movement I made, every dialogue, every word I uttered and heard . Every problem I defeated and  not only every laugh that  I laughed  but also every tear that I have shed . The unfinished assignment , I take up today to complete with pleasure or strain, is my choice . Today which started with a beautiful morning, chirping birds, cool breeze , fluttering leaves of trees and the Sun happy as ever an Old Man is.......

                  These hours of extreme opportunities is what TODAY is made up of. The way you make this day, deal with its problems show the kind of perception you have for this day and this life.If you decide that today is the day when you'll live your life to the fullest with lots of smiles, laughter, joy and harvesting the dreams you have been nurturing so far, you will wait impatiently for the next day Tomorrow which will eventually become your Today to be full of possibilities and more happiness......

               Today is on which your Tomorrow stands. that Tomorrow , that'll be fine if your Today is fine.
That Tomorrow , that'll be great if your Today is great and That Tomorrow that'll be Superb if your today is superb. So, take action today, make it better every hour by doing better whatever you do and shape your future there on. You can only reflect on what has happened in the past. you can crib on  or learn  from the mistakes . You can learn the value of time wrongly spent and decide how to make today better than yesterday.
                                                                                                                                                                                     Each day well spent will become a beautiful chapter in your book of life and if done in a dirty manner will destroy the beauty of the story.It is up to you what you do to make this life beautiful, happy  and memorable. Think about what you'll give to your life rather than what life is giving you.If you look closely you'll find that life has given you so much that if it takes back all that it has given you , you'll be left with nothing at all. And so it is your responsibility to build on this raw life something majestic, something brilliant something unique that you  look back and say THIS IS MY LIFE.......


Anonymous said…
true. so very true
Ravindar Kaur said…
Thanks for liking......:)

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