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The Confluence of Thoughts.....

Confluence of thoughts is where we meet ourselves,where we see ourselves,where we don't need a mediator to meet ourselves to face ourselves, where we are with our own and on our own.It is where we can judge ,we can introspect, we can question and give ourselves much freedom to find the answers, all on our own.It is where we decide what we have to do with our life and how.....

A Day becoming TODAY

"The Past is a smelly one, the Present is a sweet gift and Future an Undertaken project."
                   I can't tell you about Tomorrow because I haven't been there.The Past  is the recorded episode that I can rewind in my mind to gather the details of every movement I made, every dialogue, every word I uttered and heard . Every problem I defeated and  not only every laugh that  I laughed  but also every tear that I have shed . The unfinished assignment , I take up today to complete with pleasure or strain, is my choice . Today which started with a beautiful morning, chirping birds, cool breeze , fluttering leaves of trees and the Sun happy as ever an Old Man is.......

The Demon of Doubt

DOUBT is the biggest invader of a human mind , it is often accompanied by confusion and fear .At any task undertaken ,it weakens the will power and a person's efficiency.The dilemma of yes/no often results in hasty decisions which affects a person's confidence.And the results is total loss of whatever is at stake.                       And in such a condition if we depend

Forgiveness The Act Of BRAVERY

How many of you have felt sorry when you had committed a mistake? I think all of you!
Had you apologized? OK.

But think you were the other person, and someone else is apologizing to you. How many of you have forgiven that someone? Many times Right?

But there are many times when we don't forgive the other person because we are so angry on him/her. We keep that act in mind and that anger comes back in the form of hatred when we see that person.