Thursday, 27 February 2014

Hidden Potential

We are afraid of the Blackouts but have you ever thought about the the blackout that is inside you?

You are not afraid of the dark, you are just afraid what you might encounter there.

Remember when you close your eyes, it is dark, you see no light. This darkness, this blackout is where Universe began. All stars and planets in the dark universe, evolving and again diminishing into the same darkness.

Black is not the colour of Destruction but also  the colour of surrendering. Surrendering to the END. Surrendering to the FATE. Every galaxy evolves, has its life cycle and then surrenders to the Dark. The Darkness is the hidden potential, the hidden  talents, the hidden life, the HIDDEN TREASURE.

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Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Realizing your Dreams

LIFE is realizing our DREAMS, our ASPIRATIONS, our AMBITIONS. We spend our life thinking about best possible jobs which earn us more, but we forget  that life is more than that. Every person is born with talents. Some discover them and get into fulfilling the purpose of their life.

While  many others overlook  and see them as leisure time activity. And go on with their work which earn them  money and social status.

This is the pain of today's youngsters, from childhood the things that they liked so much to do, the things that gave them immense happiness are told to be waste of time. Money has become a driving force today, pushing us out of our creativity and dreams. Many die with Music still in them. The unfulfilled dreams and ambitions make a  person bitter. Not only with himself but with others too.

We get  life just once, one time. The gifts that god has given us make us different from others. Why to become a crowd that follows but have a following instead? I know money making  is not that easy (you might say) but not  appreciating the talents you have is really a pity. Money can buy all the luxury but not happiness, it only comes with doing something you love to. It is giving respect to who you are. Everybody loves Amitabh Bachchan, but he respected his talent, he grew his fondness for acting, many people discouraged him because of his height and heavy voice . But  the world knows him today as the actor of the millennium. Dream with your talents they wont let you down, dream with your capability and you would never fail. Don't become ATMs but humans who dare to dream and win .

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