Thursday, 25 December 2014

Another Year......

Another year just passing by....
And the new one yawning still....
Waiting to get out of the bed....
To embrace all with a happy chill...

Wishing happiness and hope,
Some strength to cope...
Time to reflect, time to look back...
At this ageing year soon going to die....

What made you happy?
What made you sad?
What made you laugh?
And what made you cry?

Which fear you overcame?
Which nightmare still haunts?
Which limit you have crossed?
Which height left to be climbed?

Some ways in the past...
Waiting to be walked over...
Some truths to be discovered,
Some lies to be told....

New year , new beginning....
New goals and new achievings....
New perceptions, new conceptions...
New Mornings and new Evenings...

Nature in its cold Sweaters...
Waiting for Spring to take over.
Summers and Rains waiting...
Till they get their own makeover.

What are you waiting for?
Just pull yourself and get ready for the show...

Monday, 15 December 2014

Window of Time....

 Open is the window of time....
 Yesterday just went by.....

 Today in its all sunshine....
 Is beginning to decline....

 Tomorrow is approaching near....
 What do you Fear???

 Everthing will go just fine....
 Remember Today you have at your knees...

 Pull it up and do as you please...
 And rest will follow with ease.

 Just make Today worthy...
 And then each day will turn up lovely...

Thursday, 11 December 2014

The Caged pigeons....

The caged pigeons longing for freedom......
They struggle to fly away from this prison......
But alas, their whole energy dries up so sudden.....
And they are left with nothing but only reasons........

The urge to feel the wind in the feathers,
Eating and drinking is not life's reasons
But to fly away and reach destinations
Sure, I can't remain in this hell for seasons...

Even if there's plenty to eat
But it feels like hell to give up on my freedom
My wings need sky to challenge my flight
If not then why don't they quiet down and rest?

Flapping now and then.
They remind me of my inner strength..
They are what makes my life unique
If not then why man likes to tame a feathered being?

Man the master of his thoughts
Doesn't know my flight is my might?
If god were to give him wings,
He wouldn't have given him mind to think.

These wings are my escape from all,
These wings are my laughs against odds,
These wings are my tender hopes,
These wings are my courageous ropes.

My heart cries for flying high,
My wings now make me wild,
My eyes just gaze at the sky,
My beak wants to break the confines.

Still longing to get out,
I cry aloud,
Will he hear my heart's voice?
Will he let me get what I want?

Yes, I see him at last,
He has come to free me at last,
Before my last breath leaves my lungs,
I will feel the sky at last,
I will fly............

Thursday, 4 December 2014

The Broken Heart...

My heart broke,
On the day when it snowed.
I froze standing there,
Only to watch her go.

My heart cried,
My eyes wept.
It was something
I never hoped.

I walked lazily,
But my heart was panting,
Getting restless all the time.

Why did she go?
Why did she say no?
Faking Love,
Giving me hope?

If she didn't love me,
Then why did she play with my heart?
She went away
Shattering me just like a glass....

I couldn't understand,
Why was it me?
Me to face The Broken Me?
And alone Me
In my lonely arms?

I went home that night,
Seeing my plight,
My grandmaa asked
What happened son?
Do you want to tell
Or I myself figure it out?

She looked at my eyes
And wiped my tears.
Then with a hug, she said,
"Let's go inside....
Not inside the room  but,
Inside your heart, inside your mind.

I told her my love story,
After all I had said,
I began to cry.....

She held me close
And began in a low tone.
Do you think she never loved you???
Or do you think she did it for a purpose???

Just think again,
You are a man now,
You live in a world,
A world that man thinks is man's alone.

Alone to decide,
The fate of womenfolk.
Alone to decide,
What to wear and where to go.
Alone to decide how  much to earn
And so much more.

Do you think,
She decided your fate
On her own???
Think again O' innocent child,
She did it because of something more.

A girl is never alone
She is the pride of her family,
She is the reflection of her mother,
She is the hope of a generation,
She is the lame excuse,
That Society uses to tame her.

You say why did she
fell in love with you after all!!!
Then listen to me,
For it is all....

Love is a ditch,
Nobody falls in knowingly.

Sometimes they think
They'll escape in time.

But the ditch gets
Deeper and deeper with time.

You would not know
And you'll be in love.

You'll  feel so happy,
You'll feel so well.

But like a drug,
It'll hold your senses.

You'll not know,
When you've crossed your fences.

Yes! You didn't take permission to love,
The question is "Now What??"

I know the answer you seek child,
But it would be harsh, it won't be mild.

I have seen love all my life,
In grooms and in brides,
In boys and girls alike.

The innocent love of early youth,
The love they choose to be true.

Yawning love, waking through eyes,
Making lovers forget their pride..

And also that Destiny,
Is never under their control.

Till you try, you lose the battle,
When you realize, You are in shackles.

Questions stand immovable like mountains,
Answers you seek but won't find them.

The answer truely resides in you, my child,
Just take a deep breath and look inside.

Love is only given, Never asked for,
The beauty of it lies in its selfless nature.

Those who love never suffer,
For their heart only gives, expects never.

For expecting is selfishness,
Yes we are humans, we expect in return...

Give a chance to someone of heart,
For you know the plight of a broken heart.

Those who broke down,
Never break someone else's.
For they know heart's true mettle.

Time only can heal the wounds so deep,
The seeds you sow,  only you shall reap.

You planted love, you cannot be broken,
You shall receive, you shall be taken.

Just wait, For the time shall tell,
What is heaven and what is hell.

You need not worry, You need not weep,
I tell you this, you'll get what you seek...


Tuesday, 2 December 2014

He waited for me till the end...

I met Him first I don't know when,
But I knew him well, he knew me well...

Every day, he walked by my side,
In my hardships and in my cry....
When in pain, he was there,
And in rain, he was there....

He said I belonged to him....
He just came to take me......
Every time I refused to go with him,
But never he asked me why.....

Then one day when I was asleep,
I felt his whisper nearing me....
His gentle touch made me shiver,
His lips were singing my name....

I woke up to find him holding my hand,
He was singing, indeed my name aloud...
He took me to dancing and smiling and singing
Again and again all the time.

Then at last he kissed my hand
And said,"You are mine...
Come lets go, come lets rejoice
For I have come to take you along...."

His look hypnotised me,
His smile mesmerised me.
Just don't know what happened
I got up to go with him....

I felt his grip so hard and
Love so compelling to part,
I accepted to go with him
When something happened 
There were hues there were cries,
I wondered why...

I turned to see and to find.
I understood then
That Death was the one
Who kissed me that night

But now it was time and no chance was mine,
To wave him back goodbye....
He kissed me on head and again said
Its time to go Oh my beloved...

I walked a distance with him without choice,
But there was a hand that held me tight...
I turned back to see where I was being wept,
My son was holding on and saying Don't Go

My eyes were wet,
Death looked at me
And I confessed.
He didn't ask me and just left....

I came back to senses only to mention
I was asleep in my bed......

Then one day again he paid me a visit,
He said it was hard to resist
Seeing me every now and then.
He told me he wasn't angry ,
But when will I accompany
Him to his far away land?

I answered him
When my son'll be old enough
To face the hardships of life without anyone
He laughed and giggled and smiled
At my innocent replies.
He kissed me again this time
But his eyes showed his tears alike
He had his back towards me
And said he'll come when the time is ripe...

For many years I didn't see him,
I was busy with earthly regime.
And then one day I saw him again 
Wearing that lovely mesmerising smile.

I was standing, he came up to me
Taking my hands, he asked me how was I???
I smiled back at him and said I waited for him
From so many days and nights.

He took my hand and looked at my eyes
And said ,"Just come with me, my bride."

I walked with him,
To his home
With  a large large door.
What happened next I know nomore ....

Saturday, 29 November 2014

Waqt ke tehkhaane mein....

वक़्त के तहखाने में ,
सन्दूक यादों के रखती हूँ।
कुछ में खुशियाँ , कुछ में गम ,
कुछ में सपने  रखती हूँ।

जब चाहूँ तो खोल इन्हें,
इक टुकड़ा मैं उठाती हूँ।
उस पे लिखा नाम तेरा
भीगी आँखों से पढ़ती हूँ।
फिर मुस्काके वो टुकड़ा
मैं वापस उसमें रखती हूँ।

खामोश निगाहों के दामन से ,
सपनों को मैं ढकती हूँ।
जाने कब गुम  जायें ये
इन्हें खोने से मैं डरती हूँ।

 इक टुकड़ा हँसी का,
आज भी खिलखिलाता है।
 जब खोलूँ वो पाती,
तो याद तुम्हारी दिलाता है।

लफ़्ज़ों में भी जैसे तुम्हारी
आवाज़ सुनाई देती हो।
कभी कभी तो ऐसा लगे 
तुम यहीं कहीं मेरे पास हो।
हर लम्हा मैं तनहा ,
फिर भी जैसे तुम साथ हो।

इक टुकड़ा आंसुओं में,
हरदम भीगा रहता है।
सीधे सादे आधे वादे ,
 चुभते मन के कोने में।
नींदें छोड़ जो सपने देखे,
खुली हुई उन आँखों से।
आज भी मैं उन सपनों को 
लगी हुई सुलझाने में।

फिर हँसकर उन यादों को ,
दफ़न कर मैं आती हूँ।
वक़्त के तहखाने में,
संदूक यादों के रखती हूँ।

Thursday, 27 November 2014

My Lost Diary

Found my lost diary,
Today in a treasure hunt.
Like a ray of dawn,
It emerged like a song.

Like an orphan it lay,
Helpless in the corner, 
Waiting with expecting eyes,
For someone to hold over.

The cover had a sad face,
Which shined on seeing me.
I held it up to my heart,
Like I found a Friend at last.

Like in a chilly weather,
I felt a warming hug.
I took it in my hands,
And recalled my silent charms.

A child in me,
So happy to be.
With that diary,
Like a humming bee.

I opened it with care,
Touched it gently, being aware.
It was years back, I lost,
But vowed to find it at any cost.

My memories remained ...
In the words I crafted....
Those little words
With silly secret meanings.

My day long journeys
My dreams of nights
My emotions, my devotions
My crushes, my infatuations
My confusions, my confessions,
My assumptions, my confirmations,
My tales, my nightmares
My admirations, my stupid exaggerations,
And everything .....
From something to nothing
And then, from nothing to something...

Pages of my childhood dreams,
Calling my eyes to cherish.
Again and again to laugh,
At those innocent spelling mistakes.

Just a graph to show How I went through,
And where I had come.
How it started one day
And so many moments after that,
Locked in those words on those pages....

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

I Am Like A Storm...

Don't call me A crowd of thoughts,
For I am like a Storm.....

A Woman I am, of love and care,
Till you provoke my devil form.

I am a STORM......

A Storm that awakens
The Fear you hide.

A Storm that burns
The Passion inside.

A Storm that stirs,
The Emotions of Life.

The Storm that ignites
The Fire to Fight.

A Storm that swells
The Bursting Revenge

A Storm that destroys
The Peace of the Quiet.

A Storm that weakens
Your Inner Strength

A Storm that precedes any Hope.
Hope that follows after I go....

A Storm that challenges
Your mighty height.

A Storm that chills
Your ego inside.

A Storm that suppresses
The flight of hunger.

A Storm that defeats
By the power of Thunder.

 A Storm that outshines
Craze and Wonder.

A Storm that Conspires
With Darkness to Surrender.

A Storm that plays
With thoughts of minds

A Storm that holds
The Secrets of Times

A Storm that heals
The Burning sores

A Storm that deals
With worries and woes

A Storm that's not
What you'll like.

A Storm that's hard
To stop Downright.

A Storm that'll make
Your eyes go wide.

A Storm that's Me
And all Mine.

A Storm that's Me
And arouse only I...


Tuesday, 18 November 2014

What a Lovely Day

What a lovely day,
Squirrels climbing,
Sun smiling,
Birds singing,
Winds rustling,
Leaves falling,
Flowers blooming,
Butterflies fluttering,
Kids laughing,
Me smiling....
What a lovely day.....

Fresh new air,
Sky so clear,
Warm sunlight,
Feeling Alive,
Just in time,
Recovering after,
The Sleepy night,
Lazy eyes, opening wide,
Just to hug,
The dawny light...

The holy messenger,
Sun to remember..
When Autumn's around,
A chill to be found.
With dry leaves falling
Giving way to the new ones rolling,
Filling spaces with Hopes...
Hopes of a New Beginning.
That's what Life is.....
A new Hope,
A new Morning,
A New Challenge to face
And win a new Everest...

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Some Books .........

Some books lying on my table,
Opened up to hug my eyes.
But I moved away and ignored,
Their crying words for a while....

They were calling hard,
I kept quiet.....
acting not to hear them weep.
They chose to sing,
They chose to recite,
The lovely themes that could ever be.

Then there was a giggle,
I turned to read the riddle.

The sudden gush of wind made them
Flutter like the butterflies.
And some of them even tried
To fly away in the night.

I got back to them,
Holding them close to my side.
Some gripped me hard,
Some chose to jump aside.

On the floor, some lay
With open arms like a child.
I could see tears in those eyes,
Waving hands from side to side.

I hugged them tight,
To make them feel light.
It was a delight ,
To have them in my sight

Mornings with them,
And ending nights.
Some played with my mind,
Some played with my eyes.

Some turned away
Looking at other side.
Like feeling offended,
On my ignoring them for a while

I picked them up with an apology in my eyes,
With smiles of words they forgave me.
And accepted me and my mind.

For their words reflect in my eyes,
Through eyes they reach my mind,
And from there, to my conscience.

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Review : Circle of Love by Dipesh Shah

                             If you have been in Love and have gone through up and downs throughout, then this book is definitely for you. Love is a very wonderful feeling and "Being In Love" and "Being Loved" are both different phases in love.What would happen if you love a person and he/she doesn't reciprocate??? Or if you don't recognize whether you are in love or not? A circle starts at a point and ends in the same. So is life.Sometimes we start and end at the same place only to lose than to gain. Such is life and this book is a journey of Dhruv who started and finished at the same point of defeat or a lesson in love.

                            What was Dhruv's love for Veronica? Did Veronica deserve Dhruv's selfless love? Why did she leave him? Will Dhruv accept her back in his life again? These are the questions that torment Dhruv and the reader throughout the story and Dipesh has done well to recite a story of breakup and a lesson that changed a happy go lucky guy Dhruv. 

                              A book containing story in 34 pages did not appeal at first by the cover. I thought it cannot be considered  a novel but Dipesh through his words proved that the book is worth reading and "Quality matters rather than Quantity" not compromising with silly add ons of silly unimportant incidents in the story.I would have loved it even more if some part of Indori style was showcased more but a writer's words are final and a reader can only read and consider a story so real and full of unforgetful moments of Love and betrayal. The hindi shayri part captures attention and gives a deeper representation of a heart's pain of loss of love.

                               Yes, breakups haunt, they give sadness and depression.But why did Veronica come back when she left him giving pain? Why NOW? When he was healing, recovering.Has she realized her mistake? Or is she back for more? What will Dhruv do?Want to know? Then do read  "Circle of Love" by Dipesh Shah, published by Notionpress.

Saturday, 11 October 2014

She lives in Him....

Under the shade of the tree,
They met one day,
To depart & never meet again,
Their destinies were foretold,
They were to die without one another.

He closed his eyes,
And called her name.
When drops of tears,
Fell as rain..

She came forward,
And touched him for the last last time.
She said," I'll better die in your arms than die alone."
She fell in his lap,
He could not understand,
He held up her hand only to find,
The sleeping pills which disappeared into her.

She clapped and said,
"Listen my Love,
I love you always,
And shall always do.
But before I see you die or die without you,
Today is the day I choose,
To make my wish come true.
I choose to die.
But not go away from You,
I choose to die.
Just to live again in You.....
Just close your eyes and say GoodBye....

Look, how I deceived the Fate.
They said we'll die alone.
I'll die alone but then,
I would live in You.
And that is what is Important
Not to Live, But to Love You...."

Thursday, 9 October 2014


                 Today was just another day. By 12 p.m. I had finished my daily chores,the maid left after doing her work, Husband to his office and kids to their schools. There was time for lunch so as usual I sat down to read some articles in a magazine.The curtains were obstructing the light, so I stood up to pull the curtains.Suddenly an envelope slid through the door.I thought maybe the postman would have slid it through, but I have never seen a pink envelope like that.

                I picked up the envelope.There was a shinny pink coloured letter in the pink envelope.I took it to the table and took my chair to read it.The card was addressed


                                                                       "For U, My Love"

I thought may be this is some prank of my husband.Today was not my B'day or Valentine's Day or Wedding Anniversary.The other thought dwelled in that, may be, it is not for me. Somebody has sent it to me by mistake. I placed it on the table.But there was something familiar that was tempting me to read it. I opened it  and read what was written in  it.The letter had a very strange but attractive handwriting, which also seemed somehow familiar but I thought hard who could have written this....

  "Dear Love,

You know how much I love you.The first time I saw you, I cried to be with you forever."

These two line made me shiver like a dry leaf in the autumn. I thought hard.Who is this person???
I cannot remember a person who had feelings like this for me (not in my knowledge, I should say)
I read again.

"For you, I have always thought. For you, I have lived Day and night. For you all the flowers and For you is  all my life.
You have been a part of my life and would always be. Even when you are married today, still I love you. And I swear if any being in the world brings tears in your eyes, I would not spare him/her even though if he is your husband. And all this because I love you and I am your First Love. Just stay happy and Promise Me You'll always be my Princess ,My Doll.

Now Open the door. I am standing outside, waiting for you to Come and Hug Me.

                                                    With Love
                                                                      Your First Love
                                                                       Your Dad"

"Your Dad!!!!" Suddenly the whole thing made me cry out of happiness. I ran to open the door. He was standing there and behind him was my husband winking at me. I just hugged my Dad and said," Yes,You ARE my first LOVE, Dad. And  I Love You."

Monday, 6 October 2014

Bathed in Pain

                    I was always envious of my mother. She was very beautiful. No one could stand her charm and grace, that is what I always thought.On that day, when she stood next to me at the bus stand for my school bus, it was the last time she came out with me.I remember clearly, I was 6 that time in class I. She was wearing a floral printed pink saree, when two men on their motorbike came near us.They had an unusual look of hatred and anger on their faces. Before we could understand, one of them took out a bottle with something in it. In a flash the whole solution was on my mamma's beautiful face.She pushed me behind like she knew what they threw and faced all what fate had  in store for her.

                   Those men raced their bikes and were nowhere to be seen.Only my mamma's screeches were what I heard then. People were just watching the show, but no one came forward to help her or me.I could not understand what was going on. Then somebody called an ambulance and that old uncle accompanied me to the hospital. He took my dad's number and informed him too. At the hospital, the doctors were just doing their job, no one was telling what happened. My father sent me to my granny's house . He thought I will not be able to bear my mamma's new face.

                    After 6 months I returned home.The time I lived with my granny was very tiring. I wanted to see my mother very badly. I insisted and finally got home. My mamma was in her room, the room was dark, the lights were off. My Dad didn't allow me to go in her room. He tried to explain me that my mamma was in depression and pain. Those people attacked her with acid which burned her face that I was so envious of. I assured that I won't make noise or disturb her. I went inside slowly, she was there, sitting and looking at a vase with roses. She noticed me and called aloud my name " Manjari, Manjari". It was  then I saw the horror. I saw her face was just like a shattered glass. Her eyes, they sunk inside and half of her face was with scars. I wasn't afraid but I was sad to see that my beautiful mamma was in so much pain and I left her alone when she needed me the most. I ran to her. She hugged me tight.Tight to her chest, I could hear her heartbeat.She was sobbing, calling out my name again and again."Oh Manjari, my child where were you? How are you? I missed you so much. I longed to see you. I thought may be I will die without seeing you. But look here are you. Just don't leave me , just don't."

                     I had no words I was crying and my tears were unstoppable when my Dad scolded me and brought me out of the room. I wasn't frightened of my mamma's face but I was angry why it happened with her. Why?I did not get my answers then, because I was a kid . But that incident hollowed me from inside. It was like I lost a jewel so precious. But I love her more than ever and I just want to say that people who did that to her were no more than ugly themselves.Whatever may be the reason for their hatred but it was not any solution for their unfulfilled intentions. Issues can be resolved but can they give back her lost face and her self confidence???

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Har kisi ko.....

      हर किसी को खुद की तलाश है इस भीड़ में ,
       हम समझे हम ही चले हैं अकेले घर से।

जब देखा भीड़ में हम भी हैं शामिल,
तो लगा क्या अलग है मुझमें और इस भीड़ में।
मैं चला तो था मैं  बन के ,
मगर क्या रह पाऊंगा वही इस भीड़ में।

     ख़ुशी मिलेगी या जीत का सवाल होगा ,
     मेरे अपने पूछेंगे तो क्या हाल होगा।
     वो मासूमियत ,वो सच्चाई कहाँ छोड़ आया?
     आज ये झूठों का लिबास क्यों ओढ़  आया?

जब तक है जीना ,अब ये सोचना है,
वो सपने थे या ज़ंजीरें थी ज़मीर की।
अब तोड़ के उनको, जो आकाश में उड़ रहा हूँ मैं ,
कितना अच्छा होता इतना आज़ाद न हुआ होता मैं।

वो बचपन, वो माँ की  डाँट  कितनी प्यारी थी ,
वो बहन का चिढ़ना ,वो मेरा लड़ना कितना अच्छा था।
आज मासूमियत तो कहीं खो गयी है
हर ओर ठग से घुमते हैं।

                  कोई भरोसा नहीं करता किसी पे
और किसी पे मुझको भरोसा होता नहीं …।

Thursday, 12 June 2014

The Lost Piece of Flesh and Blood......

Sometimes life acts very mercilessly. While on one hand it brings happiness and hope, it snatches away something that is priceless.........
Some things are unsaid and somethings do require words, words that have emotions, tears and one such sorrow is the pain of losing  piece of your own flesh and blood, your own child.

She was happy when she came to know she was expecting.The whole house was preparing for the birth of a child. It was too early, yet every person was seen  happilly busy with suggesting  names of the child, clothes and how he/she would crawl, walk, talk..........

She herself was seen sometimes gazing when the thought of her child came to her mind. She felt the shiver of joy and a sense of achieving something.She was going to be promoted in life from a wife , a daughter-in-law  to a mother, a complete woman. That's what a woman is " a mother."

Everything was fine to say, that she never missed vomitting. Everday took pills for the sake of morning  sickness and slept restless nights. Her condition deteriorated  with every time she ate something or felt like eating. She could not even drink water for whatever she consumed made her  restless than ever.The doctor who she consulted only gave her pills to slowdown  her uneasiness and  help her eating.While she  did whatever the doctor told her, she felt something was wrong.

Everybody in the house was tensed about her condition but nobody mentioned it, just trying to ease her restlessness.The first trimester was coming to an end and the time of her first sonography approached. But some days before that all of a sudden she had fever. High fever to say. The doctor prescribed her a medicine. She took the medicine and was relieved of the fever but with that something strange happened. Something that could not be explained, something that was scary.......

At night sometime about 2.30, she felt a shiver, she was in fever, she took the prescribed tablet. Her mother was sleeping beside her. But something made her feel restless. She was shivering now, not with fever but something took over her ears. She could not sleep. She changed her posture of sleeping. She was feeling something terrible is going to happen, something she can't understand but she knows. She tried to sleep again.

Suddenly, she could hear something, something like the sound of a woman reading aloud some mantras, she could not hearclearly what she was saying, but the sound was like that woman was doing something magical, something destructive.The sound of manjiras was what accompanied the mantra. She suddenly had a feeling of a tight twist inside her , like someone holding  her baby and pulling away. She screamed with pain, she tried hard but could not resist the pull.The mantras were louder than ever, so loud that she could not hear the sound of her own screams. Her heartbeat sounded louder than the sound of the manjiras  and that 30 minutes or so she felt there was a battle going on inside her.

Suddenly everything stopped, the loud mantras, the sound of the manjira stopped.And she felt that something inside her was travelling far far away from her.She stood near the bed in sweat and tears. The pain was still there but it was of the shattered hopes.She woke up her mother and told her about that. Her mother only said it was a bad dream but she knew for she was the witness of that battle.The battle where she lost, lost the piece of flesh and blood, her baby.

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

The Pickle Jar.....


 Under the kitchen slab, rested the large pickle jar. The old lady of  the house was the sole manufacturer of the contents in it. Sometimes raw mangoes my mouth is already sour, sometimes lemons and sometimes I don't know what she added in that jar.

                         Every 2- 3 days she used to shake the jar and the sound  echoed till the roof with us eavesdropping upon the moving delicacy inside. Sometimes I stole a little piece only to find her standing and staring  with scorching eyes and lips opening to say,"Don't you dare break the jar. I love pickles  like anything."
                         I loved pickles yes, but not the oil in it for it would always burn my throat and  irritate my stomach. Every now and then I would swear that I won't have it again but the greed always emerged victorious, when I saw everyone enjoying it with delight.

                         Then one day, the old lady packed the tiffin box with chapattis and aloo gobi ki sabji to be sent to her husband who worked at a distance from home. The lady was enjoying her meal when the Tiffin waala bhaiya  arrived asking for the tiffin. She ordered her son  to put the tiffin in the bag and hand it over to the boy.While he did the job, the lady screamed my name to bring some pickles from the jar.

                         I searched here and there but all in vain .For my dismay cannot find the jar.I went upto her and said in a busy tone "Where is that bloody jar???I could not see it. May be I am blind". She said ,"Go again, you can find God if you want to." I returned to the kitchen, trying to find where the jar could have possibly gone may be for a stroll or may be to the bedroom to sleep, haahaa....

                        Under the slab,I was seeing when suddenly, something disturbed my minute inspection. It was something that was shinning on the slab near the gas stove. It was something I could not understand. I ran to the lady to tell her my findings. I asked her in a confused tone,"Do we have another set of tiffins  similar to the ones we send everyday??" She noded no .I said ,"Then what did the brother give to the tiffin waala.....???

                        The burst of laughter availed her lips that I had never seen in my entire life as if I am 2000 years old haaaaaa...aaaaaaaa. Brother was arrested and questioned and he admitted his crime with a blush. Now the sentence he was awarded was To take the tiffin to the work place without BUTTS and WHATTS and WHY......





Tuesday, 13 May 2014

The molested...

    Last week a friend of mine shared an incident on facebook that she had an awkward situation at hand. She went to a govt college where she was invited to speak on  international women's day. She had an interactive session where many questions were put forward by the girls of that college . One of them made a  deliberate point that". GIRLS THEMSELVES ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE SEXUAL ASSAULTS.  " My friend explained  that this was not true but the girls gave many reasons like dressing sense, chit chatting on mobiles, etc. which was welcomed with an applause by other girls. I felt strange at first but yes this is what is happening with the mindset of girls today.

           When people keep on saying the same old things about how a girl should be brought up,  how she should behave ,bla bla bla.....we can realize we are breaking the self confidence of a girl just like the one in the above incident who herself believes that not the assaulter but the victim - the assaulted, is the culprit and the prime cause of the crime.  So  does that mean that a girl should be confined in the four walls of the house or should she take bodyguards with her wherever she goes and so on.....

          The incident reveals how constant bikkering can affect a girl's tender heart.Incidents of rape and molestation are not stopping, pressing the urgent need to take a new and effective approach.How these incidents can change a girl's life is worth considering.Laws, stricter laws must be put into action but their misuse should also be prevented.Life of a girl is affected not only in such incidents but its aftermath is also much critical....which prevent in reporting of such crimes.Crime against women is crime against humanity .
Humanity is not only male but also female.The existence of the one depends on the other.


          In India it is a common practice to  discriminate against a girl child from the beginning, that's her birth. When she is born even her own family sighs as if a burden has come on their shoulders. The birth of a son is celebrated like a festival while no festival for girls.Yes times have changed, so are the chains getting weaker but that's still not enough. But still much is needed to be done,not only by government but ourselves.And it is important we start from our own home giving importance to our own daughters,wives,daughter-in-laws......and levelling with their male counterparts.

Yes time has changed..........but attitudes have not...
When'll it change?
Can't say but it has to, it must....


Sunday, 11 May 2014

the punished lover....hindi ....

              दर्द-ए बेवफाई

जिन्होंने झेला है दर्द बेवफाई का 
वो अक्सर मोहब्बत में पड़ते दिखते हैं। 
दर्द  लफ़्ज़ों में बयां वो  करते हैँ 
अश्क आँखों से बहाये जाते हैं। 

                                                                सरे ज़माने जिनकों अपना वो कहते थे 
                                                                आज वो ही पराए होते दिखते हैं 

खुद से रूठे हुए वो बैठे हैँ 
खुद से ख़फ़ा - ख़फ़ा से लगते हैं

                                                                 उन्हें  इल्म न था कि कैसे कब यह हो गया 
                                                                 जो झोका था  हवा का कब तूफ़ाँ बन गया 

ताश के पत्तों सी ज़िन्दगी रह गयी बनके 
हर लम्हा अब बिखरा -बिखरा सा लगता है 

                                                                  वक़्त गुज़रे भी तो क्या अब ???
वक़्त गुज़रे भी तो क्या अब 
जहां बैठे थे ,वहीं बैठे हैं अभी भी वो
थम ये जाएँ सांसें अब ये  मन्नत है
बंद हो जाये धड़कन तो मन्नत है

                                                                  जो हो जाये पूरी तो मानेगे
मानेंगे  कि खुदा होता है
ना हो पूरी तो मुर्दे से पड़े रहते हैं

                                                                   ज़िन्दगी सिसकियाँ  लेती लगती है
                                                                   मौत थमती नही सी लगती  है।
                                                                   साँसों की डोर वो जो खींचे तो
                                                                   तड़प सी महसूस जिस्म में  होती है

दीदार एक बार तो हो जाये
फिर चाहे मौत खुद को आ जाये
एक बार तो वो आ जाए
भर के बाहों में वो समझाए

                                                                    क्यों रुस्वा वो उनको कर गये थे
                                                                    क्यों बेवफा बन के  वो छुप गये  थे

उन्होंने झेला दर्द बेवफाई का
अब ज़िंदा ना मुर्दा वो लगते हैं
उन्हें याद कर के जीते हैं
उनका नाम ही जपते रहते हैं

                                                                     लोग पागल उनको कहते हैं
                                                                     मगर वो  आशिक खुद को कहते हैँ

सिफारिश ये रब से उनकी कर दे कोई
उस सिरफिरे को अंजामें मोहब्बत पहुंचा दे कोई
वो  कह गये है सबसे बस  इतना ही
ना मिले वो मुझे तो बात नही कोई
मौत ही मेहबूबा हो जाए अब मेरी

                                                                       आज भी गलियों में  वो उनकी
                                                                       राह  तकते हुए  से   दिखते हैँ
                                                                       उनसे मोहब्बत की देखो
                                                                       कैसी  सज़ा  वो खुद को देते हैं
हॅंस हॅंस के रोते रहते हैं
रो रो के हँसते रहते हैं

                                                       रो रो के हँसते रहते हैं। .............

Monday, 31 March 2014

The Confluence of Thoughts.....

                                                                               Confluence of thoughts is where we meet ourselves,where we see ourselves,where we don't need a mediator to meet ourselves to face ourselves, where we are with our own and on our own.It is where we can judge ,we can introspect, we can question and give ourselves much freedom to find the answers, all on our own.It is where we decide what we have to do with our life and how.....

Saturday, 29 March 2014

A Day becoming TODAY

"The Past is a smelly one, the Present is a sweet gift and Future an Undertaken project."

                   I can't tell you about Tomorrow because I haven't been there.The Past  is the recorded episode that I can rewind in my mind to gather the details of every movement I made, every dialogue, every word I uttered and heard . Every problem I defeated and  not only every laugh that  I laughed  but also every tear that I have shed . The unfinished assignment , I take up today to complete with pleasure or strain, is my choice . Today which started with a beautiful morning, chirping birds, cool breeze , fluttering leaves of trees and the Sun happy as ever an Old Man is.......

The Demon of Doubt

              DOUBT is the biggest invader of a human mind , it is often accompanied by confusion and fear .At any task undertaken ,it weakens the will power and a person's efficiency.The dilemma of yes/no often results in hasty decisions which affects a person's confidence.And the results is total loss of whatever is at stake.                       And in such a condition if we depend

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Forgiveness The Act Of BRAVERY

How many of you have felt sorry when you had committed a mistake? I think all of you!
Had you apologized? OK.

But think you were the other person, and someone else is apologizing to you. How many of you have forgiven that someone? Many times Right?

But there are many times when we don't forgive the other person because we are so angry on him/her. We keep that act in mind and that anger comes back in the form of hatred when we see that person.

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Hidden Potential

We are afraid of the Blackouts but have you ever thought about the the blackout that is inside you?

You are not afraid of the dark, you are just afraid what you might encounter there.

Remember when you close your eyes, it is dark, you see no light. This darkness, this blackout is where Universe began. All stars and planets in the dark universe, evolving and again diminishing into the same darkness.

Black is not the colour of Destruction but also  the colour of surrendering. Surrendering to the END. Surrendering to the FATE. Every galaxy evolves, has its life cycle and then surrenders to the Dark. The Darkness is the hidden potential, the hidden  talents, the hidden life, the HIDDEN TREASURE.

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Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Realizing your Dreams

LIFE is realizing our DREAMS, our ASPIRATIONS, our AMBITIONS. We spend our life thinking about best possible jobs which earn us more, but we forget  that life is more than that. Every person is born with talents. Some discover them and get into fulfilling the purpose of their life.

While  many others overlook  and see them as leisure time activity. And go on with their work which earn them  money and social status.

This is the pain of today's youngsters, from childhood the things that they liked so much to do, the things that gave them immense happiness are told to be waste of time. Money has become a driving force today, pushing us out of our creativity and dreams. Many die with Music still in them. The unfulfilled dreams and ambitions make a  person bitter. Not only with himself but with others too.

We get  life just once, one time. The gifts that god has given us make us different from others. Why to become a crowd that follows but have a following instead? I know money making  is not that easy (you might say) but not  appreciating the talents you have is really a pity. Money can buy all the luxury but not happiness, it only comes with doing something you love to. It is giving respect to who you are. Everybody loves Amitabh Bachchan, but he respected his talent, he grew his fondness for acting, many people discouraged him because of his height and heavy voice . But  the world knows him today as the actor of the millennium. Dream with your talents they wont let you down, dream with your capability and you would never fail. Don't become ATMs but humans who dare to dream and win .

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